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Any way of watching "Panthers Gameday" online?

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    • I took it as voth getting defensive on behalf of the media when Gettleman slighted them in his comments. I like voth, but I don't like the attitude I've seen for years that is typical among media/journalists. .."we are owed access to everything and everyone.  Don't you dare turn us down or speak ill about us or we'll make you pay."
    • If y'all want to talk about a legit issue with illegals lets talk about the babies they make here and then the inability to collect child support when they peace out.  Until the Trump goes after the business that employee them, it's all pious claptrap.
    • I'm very familiar with the passage and the events that brought about His answer. Yes, the response was savvy, but He also didn't lie. There's another important passage about a widow donating her last two coins while the rich man donated more, but less, too. I'm sure you can massage that to nuance something to assuage your soul, but really, when it comes down to it all, there are some folks on the Conservative side that preach long and hard about following Jesus. The problem is that when they get to the part about taking care of the sick, the poor, the incarcerated and the downtrodden, they suddenly have a host of excuses and want to start parsing the wording so that they don't have to look at themselves and say, "Man, I'm supposed to be there for the less fortunate, but nah, not really. I mean, yeah, Salvation and all, but now we're talking about my hard-earned money." They always want the New Testament's forgiveness to apply to themselves, and they delight in the Old Testament being visited upon other folks. Outside of religion, they're also the ones who think it's a crying shame that "those people" don't have the means to fix themselves and then shake it off with the rationalization that those folks probably got themselves into that mess in the first place. We're all guilty of that to some degree, sadly, myself included.