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Halloween at my place

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So I kind of get into Halloween...prop making, animatronics, etc...

I have been making props for 5 or so years, and collecting decor for 15+.

We had a party last night and I set up the haunt by 8. I tried to get video/pictures at night but the Droid wasn't picking it up very well. If anyone has any ideas on how to get a good clear video with droid at night please let me know. I want to get a video of the full effect, because the pics don't do it justice.

I snapped a few shots of some of my 'scarier' props today. I would get some pics of the decor for the party but the place is trashed atm...Here are some:

This is my flying crank ghost. He moves around like a ghost via pulley's, servo, etc...I have a blacklight and a fan on him for full effect:


Roots the Overseer. He is on the flatroof with a spot on him, looking over the graveyard and unsuspecting Trick r Treaters:


The Tree Man. I made him back in college with my ex, but we had no way to bring it back to Charlotte, so I remade it this year. Simple PVC, chicken wire. At night, I have a red night on him, enhancing the effect. I almost electructed myself setting the light up last night!


Don't have a name for this guy yet, I had a spot on him too last night:


Heading up to the door:


The graveyard, years of work. You really have to see it at night. I have a blue light on all the creatures, gravestones, etc.. and a ground fog machine that rolls out fog every 5 minutes...really creepy when the fog cooperates:




Finally, this is my girl that likes to look through the window and people coming up. I set up a light with a lightning machine attached...sounds make the light flicker so it was like a burning out light effect:


That is just a few images....I hope to get a better video tonight or tomorrow night to show everyone the full effect.

Happy Halloween!

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good stuff! I like Halloween decorations better than any other holiday, unless you consider a deep fried turkey a thanksgiving decoration.

Good job on the props tho, they look awesome

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Thanks for all the kind words!

I lost my phone last night, but I am getting it back tomorrow, so I am going to setup the full haunt for one more night (dia de los muertos is my excuse) and take some video.

If anyone cares to come check it out while I have it up then PM me and I can shoot you our address.

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!

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