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Mr. Scot

Imminent Terrorist Release

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NOTE: To clarify up front, this is not related to Guantanamo Bay. It's a long read, but worth it.

Freedom looms for terrorist

What I think this story does touch on is the fact that the American justice system as it currently stands may not be sufficient to deal with international terrorists.

Guys that are designated as serial killers tend to get locked up for life (or put to death, depending on the laws) and for good reason. It's understood that these men are never going to change and will refuse to cease from doing whet they do.

Outside of their stated motivation, I don't see a significant difference between the minds serial killers and those of terrorists.

The FBI guys believe this guy will go back to doing what he always did, but there's nothing they can do about it. Under the law, he was sentenced to a long, but limited term. And now thanks to "good behavior" and other factors, won't even serve all of that.

It needs to be clearly understood that some people are evil, that they always will be, and that the only thing you can ultimately do is keep everyone else safe from those people. I think until we fully get the impact of that as a society, there will always be cases like this one.


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And where people miss the boat is to weigh out being loved by the international community or allowing the wrong guys back out to destroy that very coummunity you long to be loved by.

Risk,reward needs to be methodically laid out. Classic NIMBY syndrome.

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Based on this guys track record, boo freaking hoo.

He is the guy who smokes while he pumps gas or tries to read a map and talk on a cell while driving.

His DNA is trouble.

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His crime wasn't culturally as nasty back then. He was arrested back when many Americans still actively supported the IRA.

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