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Mass Effect 3

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Hint: Nobody gives a poo if you like Mass Effect or not.

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It's obvious there is some kind of emotional investment, as if it hurts your feelings that someone would like Mass Effect. Otherwise why are you constantly hanging out in a thread for the series?

I think some of you aren't being entirely forthcoming about how much you liked it.

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I got the article. Here are a few things I haven't seen mentioned yet.

-You still have the Normandy SR2, but it has new rooms and features, because the Alliance has basically rebuilt it.

-There's a photo of Anderson in soldier clothing and it pretty much looks like he's a squaddie. Bioware says it's just a placeholder, but it looks pretty intentional.

-You visit the Salarian homeworld.

-You help the Quarians retake their homeworld.

-There's a photo of some dude with a sword and a cerberus logo. They don't say his name, but I'm pretty sure it's Kai Leng from Retribution. The Illusive Man's assassin. There's also a similar picture of someone in full cerberus armor, with boobs.

-Each class has a unique melee attack.

-Vehicles will exist but will be part of side missions, not critical to the game.

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