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National Signing Day Thread

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Coker had highly ranked recruiting classes too, but he was only able to win a championship while he still had the BD players. That's a fact.

Bottom line...the only place where Butch Davis has ever failed as an assistant or as a HC, was Cleveland, and even Bill Belichick couldn't turn that team around, so I'm willing to give him a pass for that one.

I too would like to see a link, and more importantly, some names of all these super talented Miami walk ons that turned down scholarship offers from other schools.

Anyway, evidently the massive nationwide conspiracy to overrate UNC football doesn't include ESPN. Here is their pre season top 25...

Notice how GT is #13 even though Carolina beat the crap out of them last year. I promise you that I don't believe that there is a nationwide conspiracy to overrate GT even though we beat them, because I have enough sense to know that one game doesn't mean that much.

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