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3-4 defense

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frash.exe    10,840

Could, just as Chris Canty could. But our problem isn't stopping the run and Peppers was brought in for his rush, not his run stopping. That he became a complete player was a great bonus, but we need pass rush. A guy who can do that situationally to grow into a role would be better than a guy who situationally stops the run and can't contribute where we're worst.

yea. Only problem is the talent pool for DE isn't particularly strong this year, and sack "masters" are extremely expensive. So what if the absence of Peppers could be replaced with a rotation of people who accumulate a small sack number individually but add up to make a formidable pass rush?

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Frizzy350    1,120

asking to go to the 3-4 is just a gimmick, teams with crappy defenses tend to switch to 3-4 to make their idiot fans happy and tricking them into thinking it'll be just so much better. out of the 3-4 defense teams we have: dallas, jets, miami, browns, steelers, san diego, new england, soon GB and the ravens run both 3-4 and 4-3. Out of those defenses the only dominant ones are the ravens and steelers, and new england is usually solid, but the rest just arent that great. going to a 3-4 guarantees nothing is all im saying and we do NOT have the people or coaching mentality for it.

seriously... if john fox was given a 3-4 defense, that just means he'd only rush 3 players every play instead of 4 since we don't blitz. what would u rather have?

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