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Indiana Jones 4

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This got me thinking, 10-20 years ago, when everything was new (i.e. graphics, story lines, etc) we did not have so many expectations. Maybe we expected too much?

All I am saying is that I feel like Ford, Spielberg, Lucas's best years are behind them, back when they were young and more creative (raw talent).

As for the people who did enjoy the movie, I am glad someone did....to each his own I guess...

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You did know that you were watching an Indiana Jones film before you put in in the player didnt you? The same Indiana Jones that has seen hoodoo men pull the beating hearts out of men before he lowered them (still screaming) into a pit of lava. Who saw spirits issue forth from the Ark of the Covenant to destroy only those souls that were looking at it. And the guy who saw a man melted because he drank water from a gold goblet. You have seen the other movies in the series haven't you?


That so called piece of sh*t made somewhere in the neighborhood of 780 million dollars on a 150 million dollar investment. Guess all of the rest of the world doesn't know a good movie from a bad one...

But....it was Aliens?!!!!!

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