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Pick 5 starting positions you would like to see someone replace who we had in 2010

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To draft or FA, not necessarily looking for who you'd draft or sign to put there (but you could include that analysis if you want), just what are the first five starting positions you would "fix" if it were up to you

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1. Quarterback - it all falls apart without one.

2. Defensive Tackle - this defense would be sooooo legit with some interior presence against the run and the pass.

3. Tight End - Rivera wants a legit TE and unless Rosario shows something big we will need a new one.

4. Defensive Tackle - we're 5 deep with crap. I like Landri too but he's the best of a bad situation.

5. Offensive Guard - Guard play was turrible this year. I think we could get by with Bernadeau/Schwartz especially with Otah back, but at the minimum we need some competition.

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1. QB: Veteran, NOT through high draft pick. We have a project and if there is a lockout, I would rather have Luck than Gabbert or anyone else. But lockout aside, we need a veteran to lead the team. Not another rookie.

2. DT: Don't really want Fairley overall, but we desperately need help there and he would be my third choice, behind PP and Bowers. I consider this our biggest position of need.

3. FS/CB: I want more depth in the secondary in a division with Brees, Ryan, and the noteable Josh Freeman. I say FS or CB because if I could only pick 5 positions I would want 4 and 5 to be...

4. O-line: Unlike many on this forum, I think we have a very good O-line when healthy, but we need a little more depth *ccough cough, Otah, cough*

5. TE: With the new staff in place we will actually use our TEs. I like the guys we have, but lets try not to be homers and face the facts. None of our guys are really anything above average.

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