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Am I a bad fan??

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Throw in Harrison Barnes and look out NBA.

Rebuilding a team the right way. Good job Jordan.

Even though I still hate those obvious, late first round draft picks we're getting. But I'm still on-board with Jordan more than likely packaging those picks, or a top 5 pick, or a superstar.

This team would be sick with Harrison Barnes. They could then ship Jack out of town for more cap relief, let Diaw and Diop's contracts expire (along with Pryz), and be looking at a starting 5 of






With DJ White and Cunningham coming off of the bench and 30+ million in cap room.

Sadly, Harrison Barnes won't be around when the Bobs pick and the Bobs have to be extra careful about selecting Tar Holes as many fans still remember the charades that were Sean May, Jeff McGinnis, and passing over the chance at CP3 for Raymond Felton.

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Yeah, the only draftees I'm even remotely interested in are Kemba, and Barnes.

If we leave the draft with either (*knocks on wood) or both. This team is the Thunder of the East.

I'm actually excited for the future of this team.

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I watch..but then again Im kind of a masochist when it comes to these sorts of things. I know we will lose games...I just keep coming back for more.

We really need some excitement in this franchise, the young guys are cool but we need some legit top level talent.

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