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Future of the Funchise

The Panther's offseason every offseason...

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Is just one big ass SMOKESCREEN!!! I know a lot of you are new and haven't become acclimated to this yet, but it's true. You'd have an easier chance of finding Big Foot with a box of Bojangles chicken than you would find real information about the moves the Panthers will make durring this period.

Anything said by sources outside the team is just speculation and each word that comes from the mouth of a source within the team is intended to be a smoke screen.

Why all he fog and mirror trickery you ask? To keep other teams of their trail, but more importantly to keep us the fans on our toes screaming "WTF HURNEY!?! WHY DID YOU MAKE THIS MOVE?" That being said everyone should just sit back relax and wait to see what happens when the smoke clears.

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Lockout = smokescreen

Nah.....it's actually the first thing Richardson has been honest about....he told the world in March 2010 that the owners would lock the players out and retake their league....

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whenever someone disapproves of them making a move, and speculation comes that they are making that move, it's always because they're trying to be sneaky

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