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Braves thread

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It will be important to get out to a good start this season. I think the batting order will change around a good bit and hopefully Nate can make something out of the second hole, if not, I think you have to move Chipper to 2 and Heyward to 3. Nate needs to be given some time at the top, but if he still can't get in a groove, he has to go down.

Good for Lowe with a strong outing. His pitches were moving nicely yesterday with a lot of over swings. Hopefully we get the end of the season Derek all year and not the middle of the season one.

This pitching rotation is good and some young arms in the pen. Closer by rotation is not a good move to me, I think it's Kimbrel's spot to lose.... definitely a dark horse for ROY Venters will be one of the best setup guys in the show.

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Tough game today, Hanson looks like the mid-season version from last year. On gameday, is it just me or has he lost some velocity on the hard stuff...that with location problems does not go very well. Either way, its kind of a joke Hudson is the 3rd pitcher right now.

The leadoff guys have had a rough go of it. Not too worried about Prado, but McOut still scares me as the #2. If he can't get it going again this year, say goodbye to one of our pitching prospects.

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So over/under Dan Uggla 34 Hr's this season.

Would be a record for him...on pace to hit 82. I say over with 35

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Nice to pick up the two wins against the Mets today. Jair really looked good in his return and a lot of long balls in play today.

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