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The Braves are no where near postseason form but I still think they can make the playoffs but they have to beat the teams they should beat in the Marlins and Nats. The Phillies series, which a month and a half ago could have been for division will now mean will the Braves even make the playoffs.

Doesn't help that the Cards finish up against the Mets, Cubs and Astros. The Giants are also streaking. It will definitely be a bail biting few games. Injuries have really hurt to Jair and Hanson and Lowe continues to blowe it, but it was ours to lose and will be a huge disappointment.

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Well it's all but official, the Braves are not going to make the playoffs. One of the biggest choke jobs. Once this team was considered the 2nd best team in the NL and probably the 4th best in all the league. But our struggles combined with STL's play is catching up to us. And Fredi needs to take some heat for this collapse. He inherited a better team than last year and it looks as though he is not going to finish. It's sad.

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    • No jarred Norris? No Gino Gradkowski? No Brian Cox Jr, no way.

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    • Hey @E CaT PanTHer 2. For someone that kind of consistently makes strange remarks about black people, and also proudly voted for and supported Donald Trump, you sure don't seem to mind appropriating black culture when it serves you best.
    • I heard something the other day that made perfect sense to me. I was obviously aware of the Austin craze a few years back when interest began peaking and the real estate market began a recovery long before the rest of the country. Someone said, "Austin is outgrowing Austin." Remember Charlotte in 1990 and what happened over the next 20 years? Very comparable and many of the same issues associate with such rapid economic growth, development and population: real estate, infrastructure (traffic), employment competition, etc.