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Dale Earnhardt

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Jimmie is already considered one of the greatest of all time.

Chad Knaus doesn't get his due, Jimmie would be lucky to have one or two championships without Chad.

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Jimmie is a 5 time champ right now and he isn't even 40 yet. He's second in points right now and it's a huge chance that he wins 6 in a row. Jimmie is in his prime right now and even when he isn't in his prime he's still better than 1/2 the field. He'll win 7 championships if not more.

Jimmy Johnson won't win another title. Besides, he isn't 1/2 the driver Dale was. Nascar has changed, it's all about who you drive for & Jimmy happens to drive for the most dominant team/owner of all-time.

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Jimmie won the Daytona 500 and other races without Chad. That's just some BS that people say that don't like Jimmie. Chad has even gone on record and said that Jimmie has an amazing feel for what needs to be done to the car so that makes his job 10x easier.

Do you really think if they paired Chad and Kenny Wallace together Kenny would all a sudden become a world champion driver? Every single reason why people say Jimmie is overrated is bs and I could argue that with anyone. He wins because he can drive a damn race car like no one else and he has unparalleled desire.

It doesn't hurt that he drives for Rick Hendrick. Makes it a little easier to beat your competition when you have twice as much money & resources as your competitors. I'm not knocking on Jimmie, he's a great driver. But he isn't even in the same league as Dale Earnhardt. I can name you 10-12 drivers who were better than Jimmie.

I joke at you younger guys spewing this BS not knowing who you are comparing him to. Between the Jimmie Johnson/Dale Earnhardt & Kobe Bryant/Michael Jordan comparisons that get spewed around it's hard not to just sit back & laugh.

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Dale Earnhardt drove for top level teams for most of his career too. So saying Jimmie only wins because of his equipment is stupid seeing that Dale himself also had great equipment. If you know as much as you're saying you do you'd realize that just because a owner supplies the equipment doesn't guarantee success. Brian Vickers and Casey Mears struggled their entire stays with Hendrick while Jimmie dominated while they were in the same equipment.

I do think that Dale is better than Jimmie but if Jimmie keeps dominating like he is he at least has to enter the conversation with Dale, Petty, and Gordon as being the best ever.

Gordon isn't on Earnhardt's level either.

Dale Earnhardt, Richard Petty, Darrell Waltrip, Cale Yarborough, Junior Johnson, David Pearson, etc......

And Dale Earnhardt drove for Richard Childress Racing most of his career. But guess what, they weren't a top tier team until Dale took over NASCAR & started dominating. Earnhardt won rookie of the year & the Cup Series Championship in consecutive years, with a mediocre team.

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You're one of them people that think that just because the drivers are older that means they're better. I don't even like Jeff Gordon but I recognize he's one of the best drivers ever. Richard Childress has always had good equipment and has been a good team to go to. Why else would Dale sign with him for? The best drivers sign with the best teams. I'm sure that Earnhardt would have signed with Rick Hendrick if the opportunity arose so I guess if he would have that automatically takes away from his legacy?

Even if you do want to make the argument that the teams win races but Dale is still the best, I can discredit that too. When Dale Earnhardt died Kevin Harvick took over and won Atlanta what...3 weeks later? So either Kevin Harvick is a talented driver or both he and Earnhardt was a product of their team.

Jimmie wins because he has talent.

Dale won because he had talent.

Actually it was the other way around. Childress signed Earnhardt, & Dale signed with him because he was poor & trying to make a living. Richard Childress Racing was nothing before he signed Dale Earnhardt.

Kevin Harvick winning one race, with the team that Dale Earnhardt built, does not make him talented. Look at how poorly he's done with the same team Earnhardt dominated with.

Dale Earnhardt finished 2nd in points 4 times in his career. In '92 Wallace beat him out by a mere 4-8 points. In '00, his last full season before he died, Earnhardt again finished 2nd in points. That was at the age of 49 & 23 years into his career. He was a dominant driver for over 2 decades.

Jimmie is a great driver who is respected by other drivers.

Dale was a driver that was respected, admired, & feared by other drivers. Nobody wanted to see the black #3 in their rearview mirror.

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no. nobody is scared by seeing the 48 in their mirror!


geeezus come on man.

fug the 48.

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I guess that's why everyone who ever tries to challenge him for the title fails. If I was in first and the 48 was behind me I know for a fact I would be worried. Since he's the best driver in the world today that makes sense though. I'm sure if you look hard enough you'll find interviews where Jimmie got in peoples head and f**ked them up.

Just look at last year. Denny had the championship in the bag and then he crumbled under the pressure after Jimmie started coming at him hard.

Formula 1 drivers are 10x better than NASCAR drivers.......

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Do you think people like seeing the 48 in their mirror? If he's there chances are they're going to get passed. It's pretty obvious that most of the guys think he's unbeatable. Just look at how Denny Hamlin reacted last year when Jimmie started putting pressure on him.

Discrediting RCR is just stupid, man. You're grasping at straws with that. They're every bit as good as Hendrick is they just don't go out and sign huge name drivers. If Richard is such a bad owner why didn't Dale sign with a better team after he started dominating? Jimmie and Dale both have drove great equipment during their career so that point is moot.

Jimmie has finished 5th twice, 2nd twice, and 1st 5 times. He has 54 career wins in around 350 career starts.

Dale Earnhardt has 7 championships and 76 wins in around 700 starts.

Therefore if Jimmie continues at this pace he'll have at least 15 more wins than Dale Earnhardt and a few more championships than him at the exact same time in their careers. After you add in the huge spike in competition, it's obvious Jimmie is the man.

By your logic Bill Russel was better than Michael Jordan, & Ben Roethlisberger is better than Peyton Manning. :rolleyes:

I'm not talking about Championships, I'm talking about dominating on the race track. Nobody out there drives like Dale did, he wanted to win every single race.

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