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CTP's 4 days/6 hrs/46 mins/10 secs til Draft Mock Draft

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I have a feeling we are completely blowing the smoke with all of the Cam Newton talk. If im right, we will either trade down or take the safe pick in Marcell Dareus. Either way we go, im happy. Im going to post two different mocks. One will be with the 1st pick, the other, trading down.

No Trade Down

1(#1)-Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama

6'3, 319 lbs, 4.92 40

Dareus is a better comparison to Warren Sapp that Gerald McCoy was last year. I have a feeling if Dareus can produce like he can coming off the edge in a 3-4, why cant he be that much better when in a 4-3. He could quite possibly be as good as the Man-Child known as Suh. We could copy what the Texans did back in 2006 when they took the safer pick in Mario Williams instead of the high risk/reward guy in Vince Young.

3(#65)-Orlando Franklin, G/T, Miami

6'6, 319, 5.24 40

Obviously the Duke Robinson thing isn't panning out. Even if we don't take a QB with the 1st pick, we have to address the RG situation. Bernadeau stinks, and Schwartz is needed at RT basically all the time since Otah tears or breaks something while reaching for Cheetos. Hopefully Franklin, who some said could go late 1st or early 2nd, works out.

3(#97 comp)-Greg Little, WR, North Carolina

6'3, 231, 4.53 40

Like alot of prospects, Little has character concerns. If a talent like his falls to the bottom of the 3rd, or the bottom half of the 3rd, we will probably do whatever we can to get him. You just have to ask yourself. Is a 3rd round pick worth the risk? He has a ton of potential. I say yes.

4(#98)-Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa

6'4, 223, 4.93 40

Yup, a QB in the middle rounds. watch a Stanzi highlight film on youtube, and you're hooked. To me Stanzi is the 3rd best QB in this class. To scouts however, he is around the 7th or 8th best which means he will likely fall to the 4th. Not only because of him being the 7th or 8th ranked QB, but if most people are right, not to many teams will need a QB after the 2nd round.

5(#)-Julius Thomas, TE, Portland State

6'5, 248, 4.63 40

I pointed out before the east-west shrine game to watch out for Thomas. Ever since then, his stock has seen nothig but improvement. The signing of Jeremy Shockey doesn't mean we aren't going to draft a TE, it means we are going to have him help develop/teach a rookie like Thomas.

6(#166)-Curtis Marsh, CB, Utah State

6'1, 197, 4.46

I'm not the biggest fan of Marsh's, but he fits Rivera's defensive scheme. If it wasn't for that, I'd put someone like Buster Skrine here who is a very fast corner and has alot of potential.

6(#203 comp)-Ian Williams, DT, Notre Dame

6'1, 309, 5.14 40

If we take a DT in the 1st, I will hope and pray that Ian Williams falls to us in the 6th and we take him. I really like how he stuffs the run. He reminds me kind of a poor man's Jay Ratliff.

7(#244 comp)-Noel Devine, RB, West Virginia

5'8, 179, 4.26 40

Only if we know for a fact that DWill is gone, we take a RB. And if we do, it will probably be someone like Devine who will remind Chudzinski and Rivera of a Darren Sproles type player. Devine should help out immediately in the return game.

Trade Down

-Carolina recieves:

5th pick, 38th pick(2nd), 2012 2nd round pick, 103rd pick(4th)

-Arizona recieves:

1st pick

Why...Arizona could trade up for 3 players. Von Miller, Cam Newton, or Blaine Gabbert. Fitzgerald said he doesnt want a rookie QB, but...whatever, thats Arizona's problem. We may not feel comfortable taking Dareus, Green, Peterson, or Newton at #1 so we could trade down and possibly still land one of those four.

1(#5 from Ari)-Patrick Peterson or A.J. Green

Whichever one is there, take him. If both are still there for some odd reason, take the one you like the most. For me I like Green and Peterson the same

2-Marvin Austin, DT, North Carolina

3-BPA WR or CB(whichever you didnt take in the 1st)

3(comp)-Jerrell Powe, DT, Ole Miss

4-Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa

5-Julius Thomas, TE, Portland State

6-DeMarcus Love, T/G, Arkansas

6(comp)-Jacquizz Rodgers, RB, Oregon State

7(comp)-Kai Forbath, K, UCLA

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I like it, except for the Stanzi pick. I watched him play a few games and to be honest he was horrible in all the games I watched. Also Thomas is expected to go in the late 3rd or early 4th round now... so we would have to take him with the 98th overall pick

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