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Cam Newton trains with IMG Madden Football QB gurus

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#106 rayzor


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Posted 14 May 2011 - 09:45 AM

kind of sad/funny when a mod plays a key role in getting a thread totally hijacked.

meh...discussion was just going around in circles anyway, esp. when you got people in here who do nothing but troll.

#107 SevenSixes


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Posted 14 May 2011 - 12:38 PM

The best part of this article has been overlooked by the poster..

"The encouraging news for Panthers fans anxious to see Newton is that the new face of their franchise is already immersed in learning the team’s playbook with the help of former NFL QB and current IMG mentor Ken Dorsey, who played for Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski at the University of Miami from 2000-2003."

It's not Chris Weinke that's the important "Carolina Connection", it's Ken who knows what Chud wants and how Chud coaches. Ken was most likely recommended by Chud as the player for Cam to learn under. I'd hardly find it surprising that Chud just might call his former QB on a regular basis (say, once a day) to check up on his new QB's progress.

Mind you that Chud would not talk DIRECTLY to :cam:, but if he were on the speakerphone with Ken while :cam: was in the room.. who could say?

I couldn't imagine that the IMG training center just might have a few cameras that would record :cam: in action and just possibly would make that video available over a secure connection giving Chud the ability to watch his new QB in action, so he could relay some info to Ken and Chris about what he thinks about :cam: training to that point..
Of course with a modern video conferencing system, all that could happen in real time as well..

A man can dream a little dream can't he?

#108 rayzor


    shula is who i thought he was.

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Posted 14 May 2011 - 01:52 PM

^^^^ very well could be happening. i wouldn't be surprised if it were.

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Posted 14 May 2011 - 01:56 PM

and I'm sure that would end up being tampering.

of course it's ongoing anyway so who gives a fug.

oh yeah, the labor dispute.

ffs. this thread just makes me angrier about the labor dispute. Cam shouldn't have to be off training with them. He should be training with our guys. Glad he IS training, but still.

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Posted 14 May 2011 - 10:33 PM

Those who can't, teach.

let me preface the rest of this post by saying i'm not claiming weinke is necessarily a good qb coach.

i know you didn't make it up, so i don't mean to call you out here, but i've always considered this a rather vacuous statement. peyton manning seems cerebral enough that once he hangs it up he could prob be a hell of a qb trainer, and while it would be literally true to say "he only coaches b/c he cannot play anymore," it would miss the implication of this statement--only scrubs teach-- which would clearly be false in this case (and various others).

all other things equal, possessing the ability to perform a task is an advantage. however, all other things are rarely equal and players have various strengths and limitations and succeed/fail for a variety of reasons. thus in reality the inability to perform a task does not preclude one player from assisting another in performing said task, nor does the ability to perform said task necessarily make it more likely that you can convey the knowledge.

of course a level of familiarity with the task in question or level of proficiency commensurate with the difficulty of the task is ideal-- we would rather see newton train with weinke than a mediocre division 3 qb--that said the reasons "why" a player was good (or bad) bear a great deal of significance with regards to their ability to transfer their knowledge. the high iq player who plateaued due to physical limitations will often be a superior instructor to a better player who excelled due to physical traits in spite of possessing less knowledge.

again, my point isn't that chris weinke or ken dorsey are ideal candidates under whom newton can study. i just don't believe they should be written off as having no value due to having sucked, especially given the current alternatives.