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Ok so change of plans, I met my friend for lunch today instead of dinner due to both of our hectic schedules. I created a new thread so I could copy all of your questions and just post the answers so you could see what he said:

Ask what UDFA's we are going at the hardest:

Won't give me specific names, but look for them to bring in a lot of players on both lines and WR.

ask about the kicker situation for the team after the movement of the kickoff:

Probably will not be keeping two kickers, they are hoping with the rule change Kasay or Baker can handle kickoffs. No way the team cuts Kasay

Any info on the lockout?:

He guaranteed me there would be no lockout bearing something drastic and believes something will be done sooner rather than later. They have made a lot of progress the last few weeks.

Otah, what's with load of biscuit lard, why was he not at the workouts with the rest of the Oline?:

New coaching staff is not happy with Otah and are still confused on why he did not play at all last season. Otah has a reputation for not working hard and being soft and that was one of the majors concerns about him in college. He asked me "Do you really think Brandon Albert and Gosder Cherlius were better prospects then Jeff Otah? The reason he slipt was because of this issues." They also really like Geoff Schwartz and could see him filling in for Otah. They want to see what they have in Schwartz before they decide how to attack the O-Line.

Anyone else in FA besides D-line? Like a vet QB? O-line?:

Once again he mentioned Barry Cofield and they will look at players who will eventually be cut. Todd Collins and Matt Moore were names for QBs. He also said do not rule out Jake Delhomme coming back if he is cut. Everyone from Jerry Richardson to Marty Hurney to Jordan Gross to Ryan Kalil to Steve Smith to DeAngelo Williams to Jon Beason and so on and so on love Jake Delhomme. He said since there is so much respect for him that he could be brought back but more likely he will sign a one day contract and retire a Panther. Like I said before the Panthers will sign someone on O-Line to compete with Schwartz for that RG spot. They compare Schwartz to Bernadeau. Bernadeau played great when he had to fill in and then was handed the starting job and teams figured him out. They do not want the same to happen to Schwartz. I get the feeling if Duke Robinson comes in healthy and in shape he will be the RG.

Who wasn't at those team practices due to 'contract issues'?

Notable people not there were Smith, Anderson, and Johnson. DeAngelo was there for at least two days he said and Thomas Davis was there. Also Richard Marshall was not there.

Anyone else special (Shockey) Rivera and crew might bring in with them?

Again I hear the name Cofield but I will get more into this when I talk about WR.

WR on the list of FA possibilities?

The goal is to go into the season with Smith/Gettis/LaFell/Edwards/Pilares/Wright or Martin. The Panthers are not getting in a bidding war for Sidney Rice and not going to take a risk with Steve Smith, plus they are confident both will be back with their respective teams. Santana Moss is too old and Malcolm Floyd is probably going to get a big contract off potential. They like Malcolm Floyd but will not break the bank for him. One name I was told to keep an eye out for is Braylon Edwards. He is young and speculation around the league is he can be had for cheap. He has experience with Chudz and had his best season with him. If he can be signed for cheap look for the Panther to be in the running. Also Holmes will be back with the Jets.

i would like to know how seriously they are looking at upgrading CB.:

Ike Taylor they like but he once again will probably return to Pittsburgh or get a big contract out there. The Panthers are not looking to throw out big contracts. Since they were not able to get a starting CB in the draft they will look at Marshall but I still believe he is gone. Munnerlyn will not start the season at CB. They will look at South Carolina product Jonathan Joseph but he looks destined to return to Cinci. If all else fails they may just take a gamble with Kelly Jennings or Eric Wright.

on that note, how serious are they about filling holes in FA? are they going to go after more big name guys or are they going to be bargain hunting? :

Probably bargain hunting, because they plan to lock up DeAngelo and Johnson while talking contracts with Kalil and Beason. Plus they will give Davis and incentive laden deal.

Questions form LadyPanther:

Steve Smith: Won't trade him just to trade him. Getting the feeling he will be back next year and is really warming up to Newton. Also has tons of respect for JR.

Vet QB...will it be Matt Moore? Moore will be backing up Newton or starting for the Dolphins is pretty much what he said.

Thoughts on place kicker and KO specialist.: Wants to keep only one kicker. New rules make Lloyd easier to cut.

Going to re-sign TD and DWill? Yes and Yes

Free agency looks on D? DT and CB

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Maybe you can ask where on the checklist is a Beason extenstion:

Right up there with Kalil after they lock up DeAngelo, Johnson, Davis, and Anderson.

Ask him what's going on with Cam's # situation if you get the opportunity.

He said Clausen's ego is to big can't really see him just giving Newton the number 2.

frankly I think its a bunch of BS that we wont even look at Aso:

I will repeat this again there is no chance Aso will be a Carolina Panther.

Also the Panthers have not been contacted about Hard Knocks and there is no chance they would accept with Newton and Rivera in their first year.

Ok that is all I asked, if I missed anyone just let me know and feel free to send me more questions. Now back off to work have a good day.

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your guy says Smitty wasn't at the practices? When the media got access Cam said Smitty showed up and he got to throw to him if I recall correctly.....?

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thanks man. whether the guy knows or doesn't time will tell. thanks for at least taking the time to ask him and make this thread.

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your guy says Smitty wasn't at the practices? When the media got access Cam said Smitty showed up and he got to throw to him if I recall correctly.....?

My bad I should have specified.

Didnt show up at all: James Anderson, Charles Johnson, Richard Marshall Showed Up: Thomas Davis

Showed Up For A Few: Steve Smith and DeAngelo Williams

The reason I said DeAngelo showed up and Smith did not was because it was reporetd DeAngelo showed up to nothing, but I would classify DeAngelo and Smith as both not being there.

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The thing that stuck out to me the most was the possibility of getting B Edwards. I really hope we're able to land him. I dont feel comfortable going into the season with the corp of WR's we have, regardless if Smith stays or not.

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everything makes sense at least..

even with the cap room available, I can see not breaking the bank on big contracts. Let Rivera get his feet wet the first year and find out what they really need and what they can eventually develop.

be real nice to grab Jon Joseph from Cincy though.. if we could nab him and Cofield, I'll be ecstatic. I wouldn't mind Edwards for cheap.

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