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John Ritchies "Post-Lockout Power Rankings"

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uh oh trd dont post your own personal opinion that differs from the hivemind that is the huddle you may get banned again

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So he's not a self starter?

I thought he was going to revolutionize the position, wouldn't that mean he was more than just a good athlete? The likes of him has never been seen, he's quite posisbly the best athlete ever and considering that it's not far fetched that he could rely on his natural ability.

I didn't want him to perfect it, just show some improvement. If anything, his footwork got worse as the season went on.

Oh well. You win. Can't wait for football to be played.

lol, so b/c he didn't perfect his entire game in a year at Auburn he isn't a self starter.....l:rolleyes:

No one is claiming he is going to revolutionize the position.....only people with set out agendas to knock this kid imply others think that.

footwork probably wasn't a priority last year.....again he walked on and was only there a year.....you can only work on so much and he clearly had his plate full considering he walked onto what was a pretty weak Auburn team in the talent department.

I mean if you want to point out weaknesses that is fine....footwork is one. But if you are going to try to spin that into he has a poor work ethic thent that is comical. Like I said, you can point to just about all QBs whose weaknesses were not improved on much over SEASONS in college......but you aren't gonna do that.

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Again, this isn't my opinion, but this could be the basis for Ritchies argument. Whether you agree with it or not is irrelevant. These are things that occured and you can draw your own conclusions. Ritchie happened to draw a different conclusion from the same set of facts that you guys did.

My whole point was saying he had no basis for his opinion is just wrong, that's all. Didn't mean to get all your panties in a bunch.

To be fair he didn't say revolutionize, but he did say redefine....

How could Newton redefine the Qb position? Typically the QB in the NFL has been a drop back pure passer who was not particularly athletic or a gifted athlete. They were prized for their leadership and their ability to read defenses and throw the ball. All great characteristics and needed for the position. However, they rarely made plays with athletic ability. There have been guys in the past like Randall Cunningham, Culpeppers, Moon, and more who were black quarterbacks who were very athletic and brought elements to the position but lacked the total package. For example Cunningham was very elusive but wasn't a great passer and was injury prone being 6'5" and only 215 lbs. Vick redifined the position as a running quarterback but until last year was a good passer and didn't understand the complexity of the WCO.

What distinguished Newton as having the possibility to redefine the position is that he is very athletic and can run better than most any quarterback except for Vick. But he has the ability to throw the ball as well as most pure passers coming out of college. So he has both the running skills and the passing skills which makes him somewhat unique. He has the size of guys like Roethlisburger but is more athletic. As a result he has the possibility to redefine the position. He may not do anything but the thread is about what is special about him not whether he will in fact revolutionalize the position.

What panthers55 said :)

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