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King Taharqa

Taharqa at FanFest

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King Taharqa    322

Thought I'd up some pics I took today at the FanFest. Had a great time once again despite the blazing hot sun beaming down on me. When we finally got the clouds to give us some shade and get a little breeze going the crowd went nuts. Heard a few boos towards Clausen when he missed some passes and heard a lot of shouts when Cam found some receivers deep during practice. Watching Clausen made me realize dude absolutely CANNOT see over the line man. All his best passes were to the sideline checkdowns. Cam's deep ball supercedes any of the other QBs and it showed once again today. Made it real hard to imagine him not being our starter when the season starts. After this week Im so excited for the season to get here so we can see these guys play when it counts. Hope you enjoy the pics.









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teeray    16,222

I think that is actually KT. He has just fooled all you guys into thinking he is black male when he is actually the toughest broad in history.

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Proudiddy    9,604

She looks like Mama from 'The Goonies'

And "Throw Mama From The Train,"

Doesn't that picture just scream "OWENNNNN!!!! Get me some tea you poop!"

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