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Thomas Davis' golf whip vs J-stew's scooter

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WOW... It wasn't't just rumors.. you pimped out the golf cart that my daughter ,your niece partially amputated her arm on. I heard about this and thought it wasa lie. Until my baby girl showed it to me.. Wow you refused to help or file an insurance claim for her hospital bills but you invest money to not only fix the damn thing but pump it out. It's a shame you have a Defending Dreams foundation for the youth but you refused to defend your niece' s dreams and she prases the ground you walk on . I have kept my mouth shut due to protecting my nieces and nephews from dealing with the media. But this is so fuged up.. wow!!!! No one could have paid me to think or say you wouldn't take care of her especially since she was in your care at the time. You know I pray for you and I just pray you never have to go through or watch your baby girl fight for her life as well as her arm& hand. All this hype about your knee ( just think your niece will never have use of her hand again!!!! But just know , God blessed her with a mother who will not only defend her dreams but will fight for them !!!! And to think I make excuses for you , when she wakes up in pain and wants to know why you nor her aunt have come to the children's hospital to see her.. from here on out she shall get the truth .. ( they don't fuging care...cause in their eyes your ok , you just broke your arm !! Our last conversation you stated I had fuged ways, Hmmmmmm Well facts are in your ways are more fuged then mine.... Smh, my post is facts not rumors, and if you want any clarity feel free to contact CMC Levine, OrthoCarolina, Even better yet ask T.D. If you can have the balls to post this picture , I hope you have the balls to face the truth. My child was in your care when this accident happened and you have and had the insurance coverage to take care of her, but you & your wife decided her arm was not worth filing a claim over. Because she has Medicaid and it can take care of her. And any way you have filed to many already from cars being stolen. Oh, let's not forget she doesn't have to use a limb doctor there plenty of doctors in SC that can treat her. So as you continue to smile for the cameras& speak to the media I pray you man up and let them know how you turned your back on family

And the sad part about this is I use to thank God for blessing our family with you. Yes so many times you have taken my children in to your hone and treated them as if they where your own and you have done so much for all the children in our family numerous times. I jwould have given my own life to save you & your family because of the level of respect I held for you as well as gratitude. So for you to turn your back on my baby girl still haunts my spirit...I will never bad mouth you but I must speak the truth. ( I thought I could forgive you but after seeing this picture , I need to go pray some more because what I'm feeling right now is so painful.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.