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  1. Jayden Daniels would be the guy. But pipe dream, don't see any way we take a QB this year.
  2. We are going for Allar nothing... Kidding, this guy can't play, we will see if he is better next year, but it's gonna be a hard no for me dawg.
  3. Just get ahead the cards, that's all that matters to me this year. Bonus if we pass the Pats.
  4. If he gets us enough to not have the 1st overall pick he will automatically become a panthers legend.
  5. We are basically going to have to n pray that whoever takes this job is some kind of hidden genius.
  6. Jerry Jones is a poor man's David tepper at this point.
  7. I watched that horror show yesterday, and honestly I wasn't sure if it was true about receiver separation and bad protection or because Bryce can't throw deep... but I was wrong, that man is working with absolutely nothing. Not saying he will improve, but I just can't make a judgment on him this year. It's a literal disaster.
  8. To be fair, Rivera should of been fires the first year Tepper got here, we were all begging for Matt Rhule to be fired a year earlier, and now obviously Frank is a disaster. I'd think it would be more upsetting If he hadn't have fired 3 coaches in 4 years.
  9. I would love Ewers or Rattler in the later rounds. Big time insurance option imo.
  10. Like I said, draft Milton or Rattler in like the 5th as insurance.
  11. "Sharks wanting his job." Only one reason, massive paycheck from Tepper, because he gives away money. Heaven knows there is no other reason to coach this team.
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