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  1. Sounds like some Jerry Jones level saltiness from Kraft lol.
  2. If you draft a qb it would be a 4th or later qb. Maybe a Rattler/Milton type prospect.
  3. Shaq is such a team Ayer man, he should be a fan favorite forever. True Leader that guy.
  4. It's over now, just need to Bryce yo show up and it will all be forgotten. But even if he doesn't, there will always be a next year lmao.
  5. I would say Matt Stafford has very much played to his contract - dude is awesome, though definitely on the tail end of his career.
  6. But he is measured at 5'10 1/8 officially, so even saying that is disingenuous. Kyler Murray is also 5'10 1/8, so he's not even the only QB in the NFL who is currently that height.
  7. 5'2"... I mean is the guy an elementary student. You don't have to insult some one to male a point, especially when everyone understands the guy is shorter than 90% of QBs. Lame sauce this one.
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