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  1. Breath of fresh air, this post.
  2. Can we give the guy the 3 years that he has preached his plan will be since he got here before tossing him out. Man if some of y'all had way we would be the browns of the last 2 decades, going through coaches and gms every year for 15 years.
  3. You mean the guy that is also 3-3 with a way more talented roster?
  4. Saddest predictions ever. If there was ever a team we are built to beat, it's this one. Panther 27 - 7.
  5. Wasn't Norv's son involved for a while? I think he would have been a good OC.
  6. I feel like Minnesota is the type of team we have been building our team to beat. Good receivers, not very mobile QB. I like this matchup this week.
  7. What? It's like a rollercoaster in here every week. It we win on Sunday the "honest assessment" will swing to the other side faster than a Roger Federer forehand. It's not lala land to think the season is over 5 weeks in with a mediocre schedule and a winning record.
  8. Oh my gosh, can the negative nancies retire for the season? Some of us enjoy hoping for a playoff run when our team has a winning record. Seriously.
  9. He's not wrong though, he has invested HEAVILY in the D. So they should be getting it done.
  10. If somehow Malik Willis falls, he's the only one I'd take.
  11. Calzada impressed me tonight, what a game by him.
  12. DJax will be resigned. Bookmark this, he's not going anywhere.
  13. I still don't think this impacts a Jackson extension.
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