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  1. Quinn Ewers is the kids name.
  2. Dang, him and the other kid from Southlake Carroll HS (30 mins from where I live), that could be a stacked QB room.
  3. I would trade for him faster than one could eat a Bojangles biscuit.
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rDQ6vwgxGSM New one, just cause I like positive spin.
  5. Solid thread, ideal optimism, keep pounding brother.
  6. His 2020 tape was very good, I think some his drop in production really is a product of the ankle injuries, you could see some of the accuracy fall off after those. You can watch pretty much all his reps from every game on YouTube, and he does read the field at times, his mid range accuracy and quick release is pretty awesome.
  7. Yes, I'm a South Carolina fan and would love him to turn the corner this year and in turn be drafted by us, but typically, some one transferring out cause the lost their job mid season doesn't usually translate to that success. He is talented though so we will see.
  8. Tyler Van Dyke is an interesting watch. He layers his throws beautifully, and has relatively good field vision. Arm strength looks a bit average though, as most of his down the field passes seem to float or force the receiver to slow down, certainly not as mobile as Young or Stroud, but bigger. Watching him this year will be interesting. I like his arm talent better than Will Levis, gonna be fun to watch these guys grow this year.
  9. There is still a chance he is a Panther when it's all said and done, if he is though you can probably kiss a top 2023 QB prospect good bye, I'd that what your hoping for.
  10. I like that Levis plays in a pro style offense, and for the competition he played with he has certainly elevated that team. Not sure he is super accurate though, don't see a lot of deep shots and his receivers made some tough catches in the 15 yard range... Again not sure any of these guys are that much better than Corral besides the top 2. Happy to be proven wrong this year in case Corral shows nothing and we have to take one though.
  11. College, im sure tape played a part in it. In gonna go back and look and maybe I'll cut some clips later to show comparisons.
  12. Basically the way you walk. If you have an abnormal way of walking, it can hurt in terms of athletic performance, that is the thought anyway.
  13. Darnold was pretty darn good his first year. It was his second year when the inconsistencies started to show.
  14. Very Fair. To me it matches is with Baker Mayfield class, which did produce Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson. We shall see. For the record, if we pick high I would still take a QB. But to me McCall isn't any better than Pickett or Corral.
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