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  1. I agree with you here. Plus, from my understanding most, if not all, of the franchises have gone vastly out of their way to provide very clean facilities, requirements of vaccination for entry, etc. There probably isn't a safer place to work out at than in the building at this moment regardless.
  2. Probably not the hill the NFL wants to die on.
  3. I think it will Atlanta-Carolina-Tampa-NO. Atlanta is loaded, motivated and rejuvenated with a new coach and fired up Matt Ryan, I think they surprise. Carolina will not lose 8 games by 1 score, I think you see a 3-5 game improvement. New Orleans will take some time to get acclimated to a new QB system. They've had success with out Brees in spurts, but I think they will regress and their window will start to close. Brady is gonna where out at some point, I think this is the year.
  4. I wouldn't hate bringing in an older guy to hold the clipboard. Some one like Colt McCoy or Matt Moore.
  5. Hooker could benefit from that change of scenery. His problem has been injuries though.
  6. Personally, I don't care how Justin Fields does. We didn't take him, obviously the staff was happy to bet on Darnold, if all goes wrong they can draft one next year, and that rookie will come in to a fantastic situation. I choose hope darn it!
  7. We still have 2 picks left in the third.
  8. Good pick, getting Darnold some help, finally.
  9. Don't know much about Mayfield, but Falcons really have a nice draft.
  10. Suddenly those trades look good. I imagine we'll trade at least 1 of those.
  11. Wrong post. Yes he is, like he played hardly at all. Don't know how people see him so high.
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