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  1. If this is for kickoffs, they already do it in college. As long as it doesn't affect the punt game, it's fine.
  2. I hope he performs well in thr pre season, the better he looks the more value he has for later. Fact KS, right now he doesn't look like he belongs, but he could change that over the course of the preseason.
  3. He's 59% between 0-9 ft, and ~roughly 42% from 15-19. He's young and has improved his shooting over the course of 2 years. He's incredible at getting to the basket and creating. I think you could make him PG and slide Lamelo to the 2 spot and cook. One thing I have learned in basketball, is that when you are at the top of the draft you take the best player period, not the best fit.
  4. Scoot on over Brandon Miller. The answer is Henderson, this is the way.
  5. I doubt either of those players would have moved the needles much.
  6. I don't really care. We got Bryce, a monster staff to mold him and he's got all the talent in the world. Let's go Panthers, Bryce Up son.
  7. Bryce will start the season, but the whole reason you bring in Dalton is so that you don't have to name him the starter immediately.
  8. Tepper wants a superbowl in Charlotte and the best to make it happen is a state of the art stadium.
  9. I think the int will be low, since he seems to understand defenses. 4100 pass yards 24 td 8 int 120 rush yards 2 td
  10. Confirmed that the Panthers had a clear favorite when they went to 1.
  11. Kind of a reach on this one, feel like we probably could have waited to our pick. Anyone know what we gave up?
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