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either she is fuging retarded, or the master of trolling

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That Twilight thing made me laugh my ass off. More than likely a troll, but still funny.

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The Super Soaker was invented by a nuclear engineer out of a PVC pipe and Coke bottle

Lonnie Johnson first sold the idea to Lamari by firing it inside their Philadelphia offices. He was then introduced to Hasbro — awesomeness has ensued ever since.


Bag-pipes were invented in Persia, not Scotland

“It was most likely a rather crude instrument comprised of reeds stuck into a goatskin bag. As civilization spread throughout the Middle East and into the Mediterranean lands, the people brought along their music.”


The guy who voiced Mr. Owl in Tootsie Pop cartoons also invented the artificial heart

“Paul Winchell built the prototype with the advice and input of Henry J. Heimlich, the doctor who invented the most famous method of saving choking victims, and received his patent in 1963. He later donated the patent to the University of Utah.”


The word “hello” was invented because no one knew how to start a telephone call

“Over at the laboratories of Edison’s rival, Bell was insisting on “Ahoy!” as the correct way to answer the telephone. It was trounced by “hello,” which became the standard as the first telephone exchanges, equipped by Edison, were set up across the United States and operating manuals adopted the word.”


The first boomerang was found in Poland, not Australia

“The oldest Australian Aboriginal boomerangs are ten thousand years old… One boomerang that was discovered in Jaskinia Obłazowa in the Carpathian Mountains in Poland was made of mammoth’s tusk and is believed, based on AMS dating of objects found with it, to be about 30,000 years old.”


High fives didn’t exist until 1977

“His hand was up in the air, and he was arching way back,” says Dusty Baker, now 62 and managing the Reds. “So I reached up and hit his hand. It seemed like the thing to do.”


Play-Doh was originally invented as a wallpaper cleaner

Play-Doh was originally designed as a wallpaper cleaner. However, its similarity to regular modeling clay without the toxicity or mess made Play-Doh a great toy. Joe McVicker became a millionaire before his 27th birthday after re-releasing the product as a toy.



The same company that invented aspirin, Bayer, also invented heroin as a cold medicine

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