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Inside the Numbers - Cam vs Clausen - Plus a guest appearance

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I finally got a chance to put my new Hauppauge HD PVR to use, and record the Panther game onto my computer, in HD, which I was pretty excited about.

Well the original plan was to post each half on youtube, but the upload times are a killer, and plus the game sucked a$$.

So instead, I just put together a highlight (if you can call it that) of each QB's pass attempts, as well as their run attempts, and sacks.

P.S. I also add Matt Moore as a bonus for the TRD's of the world.

passing stats: 7 of 14 for 66 yards

rushing stats: 4 rush att for 18 yards

passing stats: 9 of 15 for 69 yards - sacked once

rushing stats: 1 rush for 4 yards

passing stats: 6 of 10 for 73 yards

rushing stats: 3 rush att for -2 yards

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Pretty sweet. You should do this every game.

I plan to! Actually when the season starts, I'll try to add the whole game each week.

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Comparing the two QBs its pretty even right now, which IMO is a bad sign for Clausen. He doesn't do anything better than Newton so why would he get the start?

His deep throws are basically heaves toward a general area as opposed to an on target ball down the sideline. Neither one of them throws a deep out-route on target (probably for fear of it being picked). Clausen had one nice fade route to Clowney. Cam had a couple nice throws to the TEs.

The difference is with one guy...Steve Smith. Clausen can't throw it with enough zip on the ball anywhere on the field to get it to Steve deep. If you throw it slow, 15-25 yards over the middle its going to get picked. If you throw a duck 40 yards on a deep ball its going to get picked. That is Clausen's biggest problem..Cam doesn't have that problem and that's why he's going to start.

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From seeing those throws, IMO, Cam looks like the starter. Jimmy is more accurate, but Cam seems more comfortable in the pocket and he can escape.

Jimmy's footwork is awesome compared to Cams, but Cam has much better power in his throws. JC also seems more accurate on short throws, while Cam has to work on his all around accuracy.

I like what I am seeing though. The stats don't seem better, but all things considered, against a team that has a good defense, I think it went well.

Thanks a bunch for the videos, Awesome post.

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looking at cam, his biggest problem is his footwork hands down. his worst passes were when he was throwing off his back foot trying to muscle the ball to an area. if he can get that under control that i think he could be a damn fine QB.

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