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Kevin Greene

Notes and memos, Preseason Game 3:

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Marguide    3,358

I'm also not worried about the play calling, preseason is a time to work on specific areas of the game, the gameplanning, even for the third game, isn't anything like it will be for the regular season and the play calling mix isn't as well.

Preseason is a time to evaluate individual performances and as such much of the gameplan is designed around being able to do that. In the regular season you gameplan around your strengths and away from your weaknesses, you don't do that as much in the preseason because you are trying to figure out what exactly they are, and to what degree.

I hope you are right. The playcalling has certainly been much different against Miami and Cinci than it was against the Giants.

It is just really hard to see both our lines get beat up so badly and still retain a bit of faith.

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youngceo24    0

Dear Fans,

Remember how proud and optimistic you were before the Cardinals game, and how we totally f****d you over, well we had no idea the f*****g would last three years. So truly sorry. We hope that one day, you will get past this tough period in your lives.


2008 Carolina Panthers

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