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Sam Mills Fan

Who is moronic enough to believe we stand a chance against Green Bay?

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I am for five reasons:

1. The last time Cam Newton lost a home game that counted was September 8, 2006 when Westlake HS lost at home to the eventual state champions, the Frederick Douglass Astros 25-22. That was over 5 years ago. The man feeds off the energy from the fans and that's why I hope we bring it on Sunday. Keep in mind that his best games by far this preseason were at home.

2. We lost to Arizona solely due to dumb mental errors. Talent-wise, we looked better than they did throughout the day. All of the penalties by the offensive line that killed drives are easily correctable, especially at home. The sloppy breakdowns in coverage against Doucet and King came from defenders still learning McDermott's scheme. Heck, Beason had no preseason and he was the one that blew the Jeff King touchdown by being out of position. The Peterson TD came off inexperienced punt coverage that is also very fixable. If we had played Arizona in December, we would have won by two scores easily.

3. You may have heard about how great the Green Bay secondary is, and they very well may still be, but they were just shredded by Drew Brees for 419 yards and 3 TDs. I'm not saying Cam Newton is as good as Brees yet, but the Panthers supporting cast of 89, Shockey, and Olsen is much better than what the Saints had going up against the Packers secondary. Dom Capers is a master of disguise and gameplanning, but the media that keeps hyping up Woodson and Williams seems to already have forgotten their performance last Thursday.

4. The Packers defense struggles against pass-catching tight ends. Last season, Vernon Davis shredded them for 126 yards and a touchdown. In one bad game against the Lions in the first month of the season last year, Tony Sheffler and Brandon Pettigrew combined for 14 catches for 154 yards. If Sheffler and Pettigrew could do that with Drew Stanton throwing them the ball, what's going to happen when we run Shockey and Olsen and Cam at them?

5. The Packers defense also has had weaknesses against scrambling quarterbacks. In their road opener last year, Michael Vick ran for 100+ yards against them in his coming out performance as the new Eagles starting quarterback.


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I believe we have a chance, but not having Beason or Otah is going to hurt, a lot.

Clay Matthews is going to be flying off the strong-side like a bat out of hell. I would love nothing more, however, to see Cam run him over on the corner.

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The number one freaking reason we're going to win is because we have to. Because of what we have to gain from it. No, not just a win.

But the simple fact that it puts away any doubt of us being able to beat anybody for this entire season. If we can beat Green Bay, a lot of negativity and crap perceptions about our team will dissipate.

That's priceless.

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