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Stay classy, New York

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Mets, that is. They pulled Jose Reyes after a bunt single to preserve his batting average.

What a bitch ass move. Hope they add a giant * in the history books for this title. Braun has what, 100 more plate appearances and he's about to get shafted because of this unless he goes 3/4.

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    • I was very intrigued by him early on. The tape (highlights) look good, and at that size still seemed to have pull away speed. Then I looked into him more, and he has some very bad fumbling issues. If I am remembering right it is like once in every 34 carries on average.  Near the bottom in the entire RB draft class.
    • Honestly I claim no expertise regarding the draft and haven't gone to the trouble of creating a board or ranking players. But I think that guys in the top 50 are often from bigger schools and get more hype than other guys.  Plus there may be guys taken at some positions much sooner or later than previous years. In the past 2 drafts, no tight ends were drafted in the first round. And the last time 4 TEs were picked in the top 3 rounds was a decade ago. This year we could see 2 tight ends taken in the first round alone and another 2 or 3 in the second round.  On the other hand there is often a run of OTs taken in the first and this might be the first draft in a while where no OTs are taken in the top 20. We could get one of the top 10 tackles at 98 or 115 where other years they would be chosen much higher. Is that because they all suck or is it that there are more attractive guys at other positions?  You make a good point about trading up. Is it better to have 2 picks at 40 and 64 instead of one at 24. I think it depends on how we see our current projected starters.  If we think we have several holes to fill and these guys are going to be impact players than don't trade up. If you think that the guy at 64 would be a rotational guy but who we want at 24 is going to be a starter and really impact the team, you trade up. It depends on what we think we need and how the draft pans out.