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Say a Prayer For My Dad today

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MadHatter    9,501

Father went under the knife this morning in Asheville.

Last Friday afternoon, he slipped and fell down a 25 foot embankment at his house outside of Sylva, NC. He broke his neck in 4 places.

The doctors say he is one of the luckiest people they have ever seen, because there does not appear to be any spinal cord damage. However, he did fractured 4 out of the 5 vertebrae in his neck.

One actually broke one vertebrae the front and the back.....that is what saved him from being completely paralyzed. They said that if it had only broken on one side, it would have absolutely severed his spinal cord.

Anyway, he is undergoing 12 hours of surgery to install pins, plates, and even a bone graph in his neck (taking bone from his hip).

He is 74 years old and is in for a long recovery.

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j2sgam    996

I will absolutely ask for His hand in your family's time of need.. I hope all ends up well...

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