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who in the flex week 10?

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matthews or tolbert both ~ oak

brandon jacobs ~ sf

julio jones(hamstring) ~ no

holmes ~ ne

r bush ~ was

*i dont know if jones and matthews are completely healthy. holmes and bush feel to risky. i like tolbert but not if he is going to get 40/60 carries. im leaning jacobs..thoughts?

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    • Stop me if you've heard this one... Once upon a time the USA provided weapons to "Freedom Fighter's" opposed to the Soviet Union's illegal invasion of Afghanistan. FYI:  The war drained huge amounts of life and treasure in a futile attempt to defeat a elusive resistance.  After ten years the Soviets concluded they were on a fool's errand and withdrew in humiliation.  Many believe the war hastened the fall of USSR.  I wonder if there is any lesson to be learned here for those in Washington D.C.?
    • TE George Kittle is one of those TEs not many are talking much about. He comes from the underperforming Iowa team that appears to look like they won't be worthwile for a long while, and just doesn't pop out very much in this loaded TE class. However, his Pro Day turned some heads. George Kettle may not be the guy you immediately see, but he's arguably the 2nd best blocking TE in this class. He can also catch, and has shown the ability to be a threat as a pass catcher. His real scary stuff comes with his amazing redzone performances.  Iowa may have hindered his potential, but he definitely has it. Some extra information concerning this TE: Sounds like a solid TE who can be something in the NFL with some work.