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  1. .it's honestly heartbreaking to even try to imagine the thought of LaMelo not being out there on the court anymore for the rest of the season smiling from ear to ear & face to face with his dream come true
  2. Bledsoe who almost DIED due to a sheared blood vessel in his chest played in only 2 games in 2001 prior to being traded in 2002 after 9 seasons in the NFL at the age of 30 x3 time pro bowler DeShaun Watson has been in the NFL 4. years now & hasn't missed a game since 2017 due to injury & just last year in 2020 he led the NFL in passing yards & is currently 25 years of age. but yet you continue to compare these two as similar situations...LMAO for real
  3. dude for starters Bledsoe was nowhere near the prime of his career whenever New England traded him to division rival Buffalo for only one first round pick. I could go on & on & on but i'm not look the Bledsoe / Watson trade comparison is laughable to put it mildly
  4. yeah matter of fact i've seen him play in person at Bank of America Stadium.but what is your point?
  5. this is like literally one chance in a lifetime. so sure thing it's going to be very interesting to see what the outcome is going to be? there has never been in the history of football a. QB like DeShaun Watson in his prime on the trading block
  6. i have no earthly idea what his sponsors will & will not do? however i do find it a very interesting fact that not a single one of them has terminated their relationship with Watson as the matter currently stands.
  7. his sponsors are not assuming that he's guilty at this point in time since in FACT none of them to my knowledge have ended their relationship with Watson as a result of these allegations
  8. I know i know i'm getting old but what does cooked mean?
  9. Donald Trump had 20 women accuse him of sexual misconduct prior to his 2016 election & he still was elected the 45th President of the United States fast forward to right now as we speak & that list has grown to 26 & not a single thing has happened to him or his political career as a result of these allegations in which he claims are a lie. so this is a prime example 'of how difficult it really is to prove these he says she says cases...just saying
  10. yeah he was on their practice squad as a TE in 95' so i figured since Dan Arnold's nickname is Big Dan bring the Big Baller back
  11. now all we need is LaVar Ball to come out of retirement & we will be ball in at the TE position
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