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  1. yeah George Seiferet had one incredible draft class as coach slash GM that year back in 2001 with players like Kris Jenkins & Steve Smith Sr. along with our current assistant GM Dan Morgan being our first round pick that same year...
  2. yeah I agree we need a roster builder.moreover, like I said in another post was that any coach would have a difficult time trying to be successful with this current roster
  3. Yeah San Antonio is an attractive location for an NFL team ..just $aying
  4. I can't really even begin to fathom how any coach could be successful with this current roster...just saying
  5. .yeah I mean it really just goes to show you how clueless David Tepper truly is.because it makes no sense absolutely whatsoever why Scott Fitterer is still the current GM of the Carolina Panthers
  6. i believe Jerry Richardson being a former NFL player of a successful team definitely gave him a leg up or let's say an advantage over David Teppe.r
  7. yeah I hope you are absolutely right.however with that said with David Tepper's track record as of date & just like going into the locker room this afternoon & screaming obscenities at the team after the game just goes to show you that yeah he is going to be involved & heavily involved at that ...just saying
  8. David Tepper will always be known as a first class clown & his actions today in the locker room just validate that aforementioned claim ever so more...just saying
  9. 361 yds. /2 TD / 0 interceptions vs Seattle so no
  10. lol we scored 10 points at least we are consistent
  11. bleep ^^=^#^ bleep bleep ;#&÷_ bleep &;$,#$...just saying &$&$&
  12. bad punt from one our best players waht a season lol
  13. oh my Will Levis has over a 90 for a passing rating right now & looks like he has great footwork with a fugg8ng cannon for an arm with a ceiling even higher than CJ Strouds & of course Bryce Youngs wi...just saying
  14. tis the season we should have drafted Will Levis at #9 & kept DJ Moore & on & on like a broken record...just saying bah humbug !
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