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NHL Realignment

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NHL: This is fair for everyone!

NHLPA: This is fair for no one!

I agree with NHLPA. The NHL is getting everything wrong on a consistent basis. They were supposed to lesson travel, get Detroit back into the East, keep rivalries intact. They did none of that.

It is so simple, bring Nashville to the East, move the Jets to the west and Detroit, well, fug 'em.

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I don't know... I've been pretty undecided on the realignment scenario.

On the one hand, a division w/ Philly, NYR, Pit, and NJ etc would substantially increase ticket sales for what amounts to nearly half our games, boost TV ratings, and all around increase revenue. This could allow us to increase our self-imposed budget and spend relatively closer to the cap. It would also increase our national exposure, which is a good thing.

On the other hand, we could get our ass kicked so hard in that division that no one shows up to the games anyway.

So I don't know whether or not to be happy or upset w/ the NHLPA's decision.

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