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Texas Republican to Asians: Can't You Just Change Your Names?

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it's not just asians.

my family has had a million years worth of last name butchering from other people. and it's ridiculous because there aren't any silent letters, it's 11 letters long but it's so easy to say if you're not a dumbass. Just put an "a" at the tail end of "Evangelist"

Your last name is Evangelista?

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Your last name is Evangelista?


It's Italian. more specific, it's Neapolitan. My great-grandfather came over here from Avellino, which is near Naples.

the one part people have the most difficulty with is the "gel" in the middle. You're supposed to say it like you'd say hair gel. But people just have this inclination to say it like "ghel" (i guess that's how you'd pronounce a hard G)

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That's quite bizarre that people do that since the "gel" in angel is pronounced "gel" like hair gel. One would think if it is a name people don't know that they would revert to a familiar way of pronouncing it based on a similar word which should lead to a correct pronunciation of that syllable. I always thought Italian was the easiest spelling and pronunciation wise of the three languages I studied (and it was my favorite because it is the most mellifluous as well).

Most people are confused by any name that isn't Smith or Jones, it seems. My husband's first name has a double consonant and I frequently get asked...WITH ONE OR TWO? No one in the history of the WORLD have I ever seen spell that name with ONE of that consonant. Yet both our first names (mine isn't uncommon either nor does it have a weird spelling) are spelled incorrectly on our mortgage when you know you sign about eighty eleven billion papers with your name printed on them when you get a loan.

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