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After watching John Wall last night

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When he picks the Heels, now that there is a scholly available, I hope noone acts surprised.

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Wall was lined up to go to Duke last night, but that did not happen. Some are reporting it will be rescheduled others are saying he is going to Miami this weekend and that will be his last visit. He will then cut his list to 2 or 3 next week. He has said he has a "pretty good idea" who he is going with, although he still hasnt tipped his hand, something he has done very well throughout this entire process.

It appears it will be Kentucky, maybe outside shot for Duke. Even a further outside shot for Carolina. The scholarship will be there for Carolina if Roy wants to send it Wall's way.

As for Htar, will you feel silly if he doesn't go to Carolina, now that the scholarship is there and since he has been "recruiting" UNC the whole time and on top of it, he is a "die-hard" Carolina fan?

Not really, as I have no idea what the kids is going to do...I don't really know if Roy is interested at all. The crazy speculation by some here is nuts. I wouldn't be suprised to see him go straight league!

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