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2012 Mock offseason and Draft/Free Agency- Offense/ ST

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Free agency and player trading will commence on Saturday, January 28th 12:01 pm EST. FA officially ends @ 8:00 pm March 2nd. The draft will begin March 4th.

The top five URFAs from each team will enter the free agent pool. All other FAs will stay with their original team and you can treat these players just like anyone else under contract. You may also not put those guys on your depth chart if you want. RFA's will remain with the current team they are with, but can be traded away.

Franchise Tag: Each team will be able to franchise one of their free agents. This will cost nothing and won't count toward the cap. The deadline for designating a franchise tag will be 8:00pm EST on Friday, January 27th. Please post who you wish to franchise tag in the appropriate FA Offense or Defense thread.

Cap Space: At no time can your total outstanding bids be higher than the amount you have to spend! This is up to you and you only to keep track of. If you exceed your spending limit you will be penalized, your total cap space reduced by $10.

Acquiring Players: Players are signed 1 day (exactly 24 hours) from the time of the highest bid.

For example, if your high bid was posted on Sunday 1PM the player will officially be signed and added to your roster Monday 1PM so long as nobody outbids you during that 1 day.

If someone outbids you, then the day waiting period starts again from the time of their top bid. This 1 day waiting period may be reduced to 12 hours or less toward the end of the free agency period.

Home Team Advantages: Teams resiging their own free agents will have a couple advantages. First, they can simply match the top offer rather than having to outbid. Second, they will get a discount off the final price after the player is officially signed. The discount will be applied as followed:

Final bid: $3-$6 = $1 discount.

Final bid: $7-$10 = $2 discount.

Final bid: $11-$14 = $3 discount.

Final bid: $15+ = $4 discount.

If somebody is a FA and appears on either list please take them off our depth chart until you win the bid for that player. We will use http://walterfootball.com/offseason.php. This site still have not put up all the teams FA so this will be updated.



Teams Cap Space

Celing has been increased to 125 for each team so plenty to spend. << I lied, i counted the wrong thing numbers are correct now.

* Arizona Cardinals- Gin and Juice $18

* Atlanta Falcons- jb online $53

* Baltimore Ravens- (╯°□°)╯︵ $5

* Buffalo Bills- RadioKiller $33

* Carolina Panthers- CaliPanthers $12

* Chicago Bears- DoubleTrouble34 $38

* Cincinnati Bengals- JawnyBlaze $66

* Cleveland Browns- jramsey4 $45

* Dallas Cowboys- WolfpackPantherMan $34

* Denver Broncos- Miaoww $32

* Detroit Lions- pantherman95 $28

* Green Bay Packers- Jackofalltrades $17

* Houston Texans- adub2b23 $37

* Indianapolis Colts- carpanfan96 $34

* Jacksonville Jaguars- llalliweid $41

* Kansas City Chiefs- X-Clown $61

* Miami Dolphins- MusikmanLP7 $37

* Minnesota Vikings- RedMage138 $28

* New England Patriots- DaCityKats $44

* New Orleans Saints- kman72 $46

* New York Giants- Kevin Greene $7

* New York Jets-C42[)14C C47 $18

* Oakland Raiders- CaliPanthers $14

* Philadelphia Eagles- Ken $22

* Pittsburgh Steelers- Bj-Monster23 $0

* San Diego Chargers- jamos14 $14

* San Francisco 49ers- ZackAttack23 $38

* Seattle Seahawks- BigBeast52 $49

* St. Louis Rams- ROCKnROLLA $37

* Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Munch4455 $46

* Tennessee Titans- CamToSmithTD $54

* Washington Redskins- CatMan72 $41

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Donovan McNabb, Vikings, age 35

Josh Johnson, Bucs, age 26 ....... signed for $1 Browns

Chad Henne, Dolphins, age 27 ........signed for $1 Raiders

Kyle Orton, Chiefs, age 29 .........signed for $2 Chiefs

Vince Young, Eagles, age 29 ........ signed for $1 Saints

Jason Campbell, Raiders, age 30 ....... signed for $1 Jags

Shaun Hill, Lions, age 32 ............signed for $1 Broncos

Dennis Dixon, Steelers, age 27 ......... signed for $4 Bills

Charlie Batch, Steelers, age 37 ......... signed for $1 Bucs

Drew Brees, Saints, age 33 Franchised

Matt Flynn, Packers, age 27. ........signed for $3 Chiefs

Alex Smith, 49ers, age 28 .........signed for $2 49ers

Peyton Manning, Colts, age 35 .........signed for $10 Jags

Running back/Fullback

Peyton Hillis, RB, Browns, age 26 .......signed for $2 Browns

Earnest Graham, FB, Bucs, age 32 ........ signed for $1 Eagles

Tashard Choice, RB, Bills, age 27 ..........signed for $1 Falcons

Le'Ron McClain, FB, Chiefs, age 27 .......... signed for $3 Vikings

Marshawn Lynch, RB, Seahawks, age 26 Franchised

Ray Rice, RB, Ravens age 24 Franchised

LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, Jets, age 33 .........signed for $1 Eagles

Michael Bush, RB, Raiders, age 28 .......... signed for $3 Bills

Mike Tolbert, RB, Chargers, age 26 ........signed for $3 Raiders

Matt Forte, RB, Bears, age 26 ..... signed for $12 Bengals

Kahlil Bell, RB, Bears, age 25 ....... signed for $1 Bucs

Cedric Benson, RB, Bengals, age 29 .........signed for $1 Bengals

Kevin Smith, RB, Lions, age 25 ........signed for $1 Browns

Ryan Grant, RB, Packers, age 29 .........signed for $1 Bucs

BenJarvus Green-Ellis, RB, Patriots, age 27 ..........signed for $1 Chiefs

Wide receiver

Reggie Wayne, Colts, age 33 ........highest bid $5 Colts htd= $4

Pierre Garcon, Colts, age 26 .......signed for $10 Colts htd= $8

Brandon Lloyd, Rams, age 31 ........... signed for $7 Bills

Legedu Naanee, Panthers, age 28 ........signed for $1 Panthers

Steve Johnson, Bills, age 26 Franchised

Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs, age 27 Franchised

Early Doucet, Cardinals, age 26 ....... signed for $3 Jags

Laurent Robinson, Cowboys, age 27 ........signed for $9 Bucs

DeSean Jackson, Eagles, age 25 Franchised

Wes Welker, Pats, age 30 Franchised

Plaxico Burress, Jets, age 35 ........signed for $1 Chiefs

Vincent Jackson, Chargers, age 29 ........ signed for $20 Falcons

Jerricho Cotchery, Steelers, age 30 ..........signed for $1 Chargers

Eddie Royal, Broncos, age 26 .......... signed for $3 Jags

Marques Colston, Saints, age 29 ...... signed for $5 Saints HTD= $4

Robert Meachem, Saints, age 27 .......... signed for $2 Ravens

Braylon Edwards, 49ers, age 29 ...... signed for $1 Vikings

Mario Manningham, Giants, age 26 ....... signed for $6 Pats

Tight end

Visanthe Shiancoe, Vikings, age 32 .......... signed for $1 Vikings

Fred Davis, Skins, age 26 ........ signed for $2 Broncos

Jeremy Shockey, Panthers, age 32 Franchised

Scott Chandler, Bills, age 27 .......... signed for $1 Vikings

Martellus Bennett, Cowboys, age 25 ........... signed for $3 Bills

Jermichael Finley, Packers, age 24 Franchised

Offensive tackle

Demetrius Bell, Bills, age 28 .......... signed for $11 Browns

King Dunlap, Eagles, age 26

Jared Gaither, Chargers, age 26 ............ signed for $5 Bucs

Jeff Backus, Lions, age 34 ........ highest bid $2 Cardinals

Max Starks, Steelers, age 30 ........... signed for $1 Ravens

Kareem McKenzie, Giants, age 33 Franchised


Jeff Saturday,C, Colts, age 37 ........signed for $1 Colts

Jacob Bell, G, Rams, age 31

Jeremy Zuttah, G/C, Bucs, age 26 Franchised

Vernon Carey, G, Dolphins, age 31 . ....... signed for $1 Broncos

Geoff Hangartner, G/C, Panthers, age 30 ......... highest bid $4 Panthers

Mackenzy Bernadeau, Panthers, age 26 ........ signed for $1 Raiders

Casey Wiegmann, C, Chiefs, age 39

Montrae Holland, G, Cowboys, age 32 ...........signed for $2 Bills

Evan Mathis, G, Eagles, age 30 .........signed for $4 Eagles htd= $3

Samson Satele, C, Raiders, age 27 ......signed for $5 Jags

Nick Hardwick, C, Chargers, age 30 ........ signed for $6 Chargers htd= $5

Jake Scott, G, Titans, age 31 ........ signed for $1 Rams

Bobbie Williams, G, Bengals, age 35 ........... signed for $1 Saints

Todd McClure, C, Falcons, age 35 .........signed for $1 Falcons

Chris Meyers, C/G, Texans, age 30 ........ signed for $1 Chiefs

Mike Brisiel, G, Texans, age 29 ...........signed for $1 Chiefs

Carl Nicks, G, Saints, age 27 ....... signed for $8 Bengals

Scott Wells, C, Packers, age 31 ......... signed for $2 Pats

Ben Grubbs, G, Ravens, age 28 ...... signed for $11 Saints

Matt Birk, C, Ravens, age 36 ........signed for $1 Bucs

Dan Koppen, C, Patriots, age 32 .......signed for $1 Saints


Donnie Jones, P, Rams, age 32 ........signed for $1 Panthers

Phil Dawson, K, Browns, age 37

Connor Barth, K, Bucs, age 26 ........signed for $5 Bucs htd= $4

Graham Gano, K, Redskins, age 25 ..........signed for $1 Cardinals

Rian Lindell, K, Bills, age 35 ...........signed for $1 Bills

Dave Zastudil, P, Cardinals, age 33 ........ signed for $1 Jags

Jay Feely, K, Cardinals, age 36

Mat McBriar, P, Cowboys, age 33

Mike Nugent, K, Bengals, age 30 .......signed for $2 Bengals

Eric Weems, WR/KR, Falcons, age 27 ......... signed for $1 Eagles

Matt Prater, K, Broncos, age 28 ....... signed for $1 Broncos

Neil Rackers, K,Texans, age 36 .........signed for $1 Texans

Steve Weatherford, P, Giants, age 29 ........ signed for $2 Giants


Peyton Manning has been added since the Colts wanted to cut him. He did not get any extra cap space from cutting him. with that being said, if you have a big time player(pending FA) that you want to cut please pm me first.

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What are we not using D's? And aren't both Nicks and Colston UFA. Your missing quite a few big names in that list. Here is a site with all upcoming UFAs. You can even filter for your teams. Let everybody (expect RFA's) be up for grabs on that list and use it as a reference.


The Browns franchise D'qwell Jackson LB (He is a URFA).

i know that, but we are using walter and he has yet to put up all the top FA from each team. there is a defensive thread for FAs you need to put who you plan on tagging in that thread.

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So when can we start to release players? Can we do it the 27 the day before free agency?

you are not really cutting a player, but you dont have to put them on your 53 man roster. who ever it is will not go into the FA pool,unless people say so.

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So what is my team, the San Francisco 49ers, cap space?

it will be posted tomorrow, didnt have time tonite to add up contracts

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As I posted in the Defence section. You simply HAVE to count the franchise tag against the cap.

For example there's no way ANYONE would franchise a 32 year old Shockey.

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