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And here I was using the search tool and getting errors like a noob, thanks for the link. Sounds like Irv saw some major results.

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    • I don’t care if this is only 4 players, I think we should capitalize on the talent in this draft and get who we want.  Here’s 4 potential starters at critical spots:       Jamal Adams SS LSU 6’1 This guy elevates the defense.  Arguably more than any other player in the draft.  I know we want offense but Adams is hard to ignore if available.     John Ross WR Washington 5’11 188 4.22 I want a playmaker and this is a playmaker.  If Davis and Williams go first and he’s in the 20s, we’re trading up.  I believe this as much as raspberry milf juice.  This ain't just about 4.22.     Jordan Willis DE Kansas State 6’4 255 10” hands 33.5 arms Another defensive linemen? But we've got Peppers, CJ, and Addison! Yeah and now Horton and Delaire are going to be off the team.  This footballer is projected to go higher that a ton of people are surmising and has been having a meteoric rise (that is once online browser-writers realized how high scouts are looking at him)      Jeremy McNichols RB Boise State 5'9 214   I will call him speedy-rumble mctubberjackal.  Absolute ownage in many regards.  
    •   Except Voth didn't suggest that at all.  The OP misinterpreted the tweet and everyone just followed suit.  What Voth actually suggested in a response to a question was that while we could sign him to a long-term extension, we probably wouldn't right now.    He didn't say anything about the option except that nobody has been talking about it (simply pointed it out, forshadowing a question he was planning to ask).  No implication was made whatsoever!!   Greg @panther1gb89 @BlackBlueReview can a extension be done instead of picking up the option or does the option need picked up first?
    • And this sucks. Bye Oakland. Bye San Diego. Bye St. Louis (no one cares about the last one)... but who's next?   Hopefully Jacksonville, but hopefully not to London. Ugh.   But not going to lie though, a Panthers game in Las Vegas does sounds like a pretty fun weekend.