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New Panther Logo = 5 Minute Forum Celebrity

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HERE YE HERE YE, I have produced with my adept magical prowess yet another version of the logo, remastered, renvisioned, retarderized to match even MORE accurately the logo found on the now infamous glove of glory.






Everyone has been circulating a forum poster's adjusted logo based on what he thought it looks like off the glove. There were a few obvious errors I tried to fix.

-The lower curvature is now smoother.

-The 'lazy' eye now follows the contours of the nose bridge as I think the logo does on the glove.

-The right ear is less squashed and round.

-The left eye has a blue triangle piece to it.

***IDIOT DISCLAIMER*** This is not the new logo. This is my photoshop version of what I think it COULD look like based on the gloves. Also feel free to rip me for starting a new thread with this, I enjoy a good thrashing in the morning. It satisfies my masochistic forum poster fetish, oooo, aaaaah ooooo aaaaaaaaah.

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So...that's the new logo?

Yes, 100% legit. I snuck into JR's office and swiped it off his laptop. The keyboard was all sticky for some reason. He must have spilled prune juice on it or something.

Also, can we get a mod to officially gif-approve this thread? I like pretty colored moving things.

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I re-worked it again and made some more minor tweaks. I think its the closest to the actual thing, personally.


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*look at me*

But but but, it's the offseason, almost. So like, we can post retarded threads and stuff and stuff and stuff. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Oh, my bad, I'm not in the inner circle sorority of huddlers, I mean my join date is only 2009, and my post count is well below 1000. Sorry, merge or delete please. :D

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