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  1. You’ve had some horrendous takes but this is probably number 2 right after “Donte Jackson isn’t an NFL caliber player”
  2. This is why we let Teddy go. This game was over 10 minutes ago if Teddy still here
  3. You’re blaming Sam…. For an NFL RB not being able to catch a pass that hits his hands…. Listen to yourself
  4. What? There was a LB running with him the entire way 4 yards ahead…?
  5. This is what I don't understand. Dude played in Alabama against SEC talent. No, not the NFL but how can he get through an SEC season but have a heat stroke in October during practice? Surely he can't be that poorly conditioned.
  6. That’s a poo take. This is the NFL, not CFB. Any team in the NFL can beat us just the same we can beat anyone else.
  7. How? He didn't really do anything at all when he was here think he had like 8 receptions for 80 yards, played all his games with CMC so completely different offense, and he was our worst blocking TE on the team which is where we need the help with our trash line. I don't see any way to say he was more important than we thought based on what we've seen in the 2 games since he's been gone
  8. Olsen makes a good point. It possibly could’ve been DJ went out and Sam thought he was coming back in. If that’s the case, then whatever get it cleaned up and learn the playbook that’ll get ironed out.
  9. I mean its the first half. 30-6 would be the final across the entire game
  10. Oh wtf guys hahahaha just fall on it. Whatever ill take the points
  11. Well this is about what I expected. He’s showing some flashes, but overall not playing great. Which is fine, he’s a rookie playing the opposite side from college. The coaches aren’t stupid not playing him all season, he just isn’t ready yet. Good news is the game time should get him ready faster than practice… as long as it doesn’t cost us a Sam injury.
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