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  1. I only trade back if Sewell is gone. You cannot pass on that kind of player at #8. He's a top 3 pick most years
  2. I don’t have a 3 round but don’t see anyway Parsons is the pick in the 1st. If we’re at 8 Sewell or Slater is available and if we trade back just a few Slater should still be there. Have to take your franchise LT. Sewell is a top 3 pick if this wasn’t such a QB heavy need draft.
  3. This doesn't make any sense. Of course we'd love to do that but it isn't anywhere slightly realistic. Trading up would have cost us multiple 1st round picks.
  4. I’m sure another will emerge. This time last year nobody knew who Zach Wilson was. Well end up with 4 first round QBs next year as well... prob not as top heavy but they’ll be there.
  5. This sucks because it all but guarantees we aren't getting a top QB HOWEVER it pushes some elite prospects to our pick at 8. We really can't fug up #8 unless we reach for Mac.. We'll absolutely get an elite LT or lockdown CB1 or even generational talent TE. Do it and go all in for Sam Howell next year
  6. Smith at 3?? I don't see that happening. If they want Smith they trade down (for a team who takes a QB at 3)
  7. Dang, 4 more just filed according to ESPN
  8. User name checks out. I see you’ve never even bothered to watch film on him
  9. No brainer TL. QBs on cheap deals with the other money spent on FA is a good recipe for a SB birth. Think 2 of the last 4 winners are that category.. the other 2 being Brady who always takes team friendly deals to surround himself with talent.
  10. I agree which is why I threw in his injury history. Couple that with (I think) he is the most sacked since he entered the league. There’s just a ton of variables... age is definitely one of them. I just know if you said next 3 years I’d prefer Wilson, Rodgers, or Mahomes. But yeah you say 10 years and that conversation changes.
  11. Come on now. I feel like we're getting wrapped up in some euphoric echo chamber now. He's a top 5 player for sure. He's not Mahomes or Rodgers level yet. He's also had some injury concerns with his ACL (x2) and back. All that being said, yeah you absolutely trade 2-3 firsts and CMC for him if you can.
  12. If we could trade Teddy for Wentz and we get a couple picks behind it that we can use to package up with #8 and move up, this is an absolute no brainer
  13. Ribs, pork shoulder, or both. Usually pull the pork and set out buns and bbq sauce and then take the remaining and make a big plate of BBQ nachos
  14. I completely disagree with sentence 1 so we're probably not going to agree on this one. But hell if you can save 4 mil by doing absolutely nothing why in the world wouldn't we? Again - im saying all this with the assumption it would be a method to minimize teddy's awful contract and we're still drafting our guy this year.
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