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  1. Richardson is out this week now too. Only difference is his is for real, Bryce could 100% play if this was a contending year
  2. Burns to Raiders for Adams and Chandler Jones. Chandler is done there, Adams was brought in to play with Carr and they’re paying him 28M per year. We take on the contract for Adams to free them up and get a very good DE as well. They get an All star DE + we throw in next years third to get it done. I think Raiders may bite if it gets them something for Jones and they free up almost 30M per year.
  3. -Any and all Mingo. Is he separating at all, running correct routes, or looking lost?
  4. I don't think the saints let us score at all. They went to a soft zone letting us dink and dunk to run the clock down and tighten up in the red zone. Then all of a sudden Bryce and Mingo catch them with the beautiful shoulder fake to throw the defender and the deep completion. That 100% was not planned on being given up by the Saint which is clear as they immediately called a timeout after. Bryce definitely had some issues, but let's not act like his TD drive was a free gimme.
  5. I hate this. You don’t bring a second string qb in to sneak
  6. I said I’d give Reich 3 games calling plays. I think I under estimated how poor he could be. Brown needs to now
  7. Trying to insinuate someone can’t read when your argument is the “experts” all unanimously made an arbitrary agreement on a class of college kids while stating a “quote” that you kind of maybe remember what they said may support your point (3 more inches and this guy would be Burrow but clearly he can’t be now).. well that just takes some kind of special hoop jumping skills I obviously am not familiar with yet
  8. Wtf even if this made any sense at all, we went 2-0 against the Saints last year
  9. Everyone who idiotically called Shaq a jag is about to find out
  10. Anyone notice Reich doesn’t hide his mouth when he calls plays? Never seen that before
  11. What the hell is this. What “experts” claimed that
  12. This argument never makes sense to me. How do you know we’d be able to pick up a qb in ‘24?
  13. Why does this matter? In either scenario we wouldn’t have a chance to really contend until year 3. Seems better to have the QB with one extra year under his belt than the skill players. QBs that make it usually make their big leaps after year 1
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