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  1. It resumed hours after the incident occurred after they initially suspended it. He was in stable condition at the hospital by the time it resumed.
  2. Sounds like the writer doesn't pay attention past the first round...?
  3. This is the kind of player we would have taken in the 3rd round if Hurney was still here. In the 5th though? We shouldn't have any worries, worst case we bust on a 5th round pick like 80% of other teams will as well.
  4. Not really. known Jeffrey for years now, he had one bad incident (beating up a girl who was beating up his sister) before he started his college career. Was squeaky clean all 3 years at State, professors and coaches loved him, anyone on that staff would have told you when he left he was an absolute stand up guy. Seems Nixon's coaches gave bad feedback on him... you couldn't find a single person on State's staff or academics that didn't like him.
  5. Man these are the kind of picks I love. High risk/High reward in the LATER rounds. Not some no name school interior lineman in the second.
  6. There’s no way. That doesn’t make sense, why? He’s dirt cheap even if it’s just for depth at this point. I also feel if anyone can figure out how to get him motivated, it’s Rhule. No I’m not expecting it, but how incredible would it be if he emerged as a legit tackle. I do think it’s close and he might be cut in final training camp round, but I can’t see it being in the first round.
  7. Wish it wasn't so edited, I think I saw Sam once in that vid total. That being said I'm stoked those guys are working out together here in May. I hope Sam, DJ, Robby, CMC, and Terrace have 3000 reps by training camp
  8. Yeah that’s what I’m saying. It’s tough knowing they offered next years first plus some and we turned it down. Not saying we made the wrong choice, who knows but that Chicago 1st next year could potentially be Sam Howell if darnold ends up not working out… they should be pretty bad this year
  9. Yeah I get Horn is the #1 on our board but it’s hard to know Chicago offered us next years 1st. That’ll be a top 8 pick next year
  10. I think it makes sense we were waiting for him to drop to us and be patient or move up when he was a bit closer, but our first day 2 pick was on Terrace when Mond was still there. So yeah I have hard time buying it too
  11. Why get a sufficient one in UDFA when you can get the best one in the nation for the next 10 years with a 6th? Seems pretty reasonable to me
  12. Well there you go. A million for a LS seems silly.
  13. Is this a cap thing? No idea what JJ makes but I guess we’re looking to save a mil or whatever here
  14. I think these guys know what they’re doing and adapt draft plan to round. No reason to have one plan the entire draft when you can have one strategy 1-4 and another 5-7. I think it makes sense to draft the high risk high reward guys later as those types usually don’t make an impact anyway. Get 1 pro bowl kinda guy every 3 years in those rounds and you’re killing it
  15. Is this how Brady uses his TE? if he’s brought in to be an elite blocker in our scheme seems like a great pick
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