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  1. On the flip side the out of pocket numbers are not good for Stroud (comparatively) which would be easy for an NFL defense to exploit if something he cannot figure out at the next level
  2. Recih regarding height: We are looking for playmakers. Look at all traits and weigh it. If 10 categories (assuming he means height is one) he says everything is factor but ultimately are you a playmaker
  3. He did just say it’s game tape, not combine or pro days. Wants 2-3 years of experience. said Russel never had balls batted down in college and could find passing lanes and those are things he looks for.
  4. Your thread was first so I’ll respond here but LETS GOOOOOO FITT IS DADDY
  5. #39, no more than that. You have to pay him.
  6. I know that has to be a typo where you said trade a 2nd and 3rd for Hopkins. Has to be a typo. There ain’t no way.
  7. You don't pay 2 backs. Sanders, Hubbard, late round pick is what we should roll with
  8. If you weren’t aware there is still FA and the draft. Why are you acting like signing Dalton means we’re done at WR, RB, and TE?
  9. Wow great signing. FO killing it
  10. I honestly wouldn't look at anything the Raider's did last year it was such a cluster. His contract has an easy out after 2024 if I'm reading it correctly. I think a guy like that makes a rookie QB transition so much easier, especially when we have no outside weapons currently.
  11. I get this but I think he is a top 3 TE. For $12M and a 3rd I think it's an absolute steal. Pretty sure no dead cap after 2024 season if you needed to move on. Also would let us go all in on WR in the draft
  12. Wow Darren Waller to Giants for A THIRD ONLY. We missed on this one.
  13. Yes, anything in the mid to upper 50's/low 60s is above average to elite. Not that this is a very important stat teams look at, but to specifically answer your question. https://www.nfl.com/videos/c-j-stroud-anthony-richardson-dtr-show-off-velocity-with-throws-ranging-from-59-
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