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  1. He had him about Kenny on his draft board so I guess he will be above Sam too. Crazy he has never played a snap before in the NFL and he will rank him above Teddy, Gardner, and Tyrod.
  2. Yeah I’m pretty sure we cut him at some point and nobody claimed him
  3. In HS FB they had us jump rope for 5 min every damn day in off season workouts
  4. I forgot about Shi. Assumed he wouldn’t make the roster this year cause the legal stuff
  5. Was in college at state when he was there. Absolutely unreal intangibles, guy is just a leader and baller. Never thought he’d turn into what he is now though. If he was like 15% more talented he’d be the best QB in the NFL
  6. Dak too. Dak has no business being as “good” as he is
  7. Just curious, but how did Joe Burrow not impress you in 2019 with 65 touchdowns and 6000 yards in the SECw +Clemson?
  8. If it was me I throw Corral right into the fire so we know if we need to make draft moves to get one of the top QBs next year. We got lucky with the BC/Ickey thing, but for QB would really prefer to know if we have our guy going into the next draft.
  9. It sounds crazy since they get hit on virtually every snap they play, but I think it’s cause KR just don’t play many total snaps. What, 7 a game?
  10. Keeping next year's first and second was huge as we may need to use them to move up and get one of the top 2 QBs next year if Corral doesn't work out.
  11. Yep. This roster is getting close enough where with the right new HC, we should be able to pay a legit vet QB to come here if Corral ends up not working out
  12. With a name like that, figured you'd be a fan of the other maroon SECw school. Hail State!
  13. Well at least we finally know who is really running the draft this year. If Rhule was he would've gotten this guy with our 4th. Fitt let him have one at the end
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