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  1. gross. there's zero chance i trade back at 33 unless it's a first for next year, or we get their second within 7 picks of 33 and another 3rd. If Penix/Nix are both on the board at 33 we might get it. draft board value be damned when talking qb
  2. 12 dead vs 27 this year. I’d ride it out next 2 years we aren’t paying anyone else besides hunt and brown
  3. Man, April 26 from about 6am to 6pm will be HEATED on here
  4. That’s what I said tho. Took about 7 games in, and it was clear dude would be a star. He had some growing pains and tough first few games then it really clicked for him and he’s only gotten better since
  5. Chuba is worth a 4th. That's about it, Scott was downright dogpoo
  6. thank you. it was clear about 7 games into his rookie season dude was a star. i remember huddle shrieking over his sack numbers year 1/2 and completely ignoring everything else. happy for d brown
  7. Good. Possibly 5 QBs go as well, we grab a top 20 talent player at CB or DE if this happens. A run on any specific position + the super deep QB class this year only helps us
  8. It’s gonna happen, get ready for it. Won’t be as bad as the chargers getting Herbert, but Chiefs will pick him up one pick before us and he will have 1200 yards his first year
  9. McConkey... except he will get drafted one pick in front of us to the Chiefs then I'll be in a horrible mood
  10. Seems like a bad trade for us on paper. If 5 QBs go in the first round, you’re getting a true 1st round guy at pick 33 at either CB, WR, or DE
  11. damn, i usually have a pretty strong stance one way or another on trades like this but not sure what to think. on one side, only giving up a 2nd seems like a steal, but on the other side you have to give a cranky 30 year old who demands the ball 30M per year.
  12. I'm with you on this one. You can't make a determination on ANYONE on offense from last year, it was just a JUCO level coaching and roster management effort. Before last year he flashed a few times but again, joke of a coaching staff (but not as bad as whatever Reich was doing). I don't expect anything elite from TMJ, but he 100% can be a Josh Reynolds type of player. Not a massive impact guy, but can get you 500-700 yards a year and help stretch the defense a bit. If he turns into someone that opposing d coordinators have to at least consider and plan for which opens up the defense a bit... catch a few long balls a year and give us 500 yards and lets call it a day.
  13. meh if he throws for 4200 yards and 33 TDs that's a AFC CG type team with their defense
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