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  1. I hope that $40M goes into hiring the best DC possible when we get our new shiny offensive minded coach
  2. Man I appreciate the optimism but I can think of more reasons not to keep Wilks than keep him. The way I look at it, zero teams would be brining Wilks in for an interview this year. So... Why would we? Because he's a local guy with ties to the Rivera coaching regime? Doesn't make sense to me.
  3. That's just my personal opinion, I haven't actually been following the draft pundits. Not sure who they have ranked first. BY just looks different to me out there
  4. Bryce Young is 1st by a mile. Stroud is clear cut #2. All the rest are wayyyyy behind
  5. They have that tie so there’s a tiny chance. We’d definitely have to lose out tho
  6. Lol. Unreal the fascination with PJ on this board
  7. He’s not even the worse QB on this roster
  8. Yep. And those Rams 1sts are going to be high next year and after. Sucks
  9. Running is 5. Roughing is 15 and automatic 1st
  10. I think we are about to find out just how horrendous Matt Rhule was. I think Baker has a day.
  11. Baker pops. 285 3TD and we find a way to lose 31-27
  12. Yeah and it wasn't really even close. Cam was a legit QB by the time he got here. Richardson isn't even a legit QB in college yet.
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