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    • Speaking of golf, CJ and Tiger Woods had a similar back surgery.   
    • To be fair football is a team sport with a bunch of different players on both sides. By all accounts Elliot was sensational last year but the Cowboys still lost their first playoff game..  I don't think anyone's expecting for Fournette to be the primary reason why we could make a deep playoff run. If anything yes he'll take pressure off Cam and make our ground game better. But looking back at that 2015 season, one of the key things is that our defense kept causing turnovers and getting our offense advantageous field position, and also the Oline was healthy and good things happened for the most part. We get back to winning the turnover battle and keep the line healthy somehow, probably a winning record and a decent playoff run.
    • No, I didn't. You are the one who is losing poo here and acting like 13 year girl on her first period.  Grow up.