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The Weakside Linebacker postion thread

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Obviously a spot up for grabs in 2012.

We have a few contestants here. Post your thoughts.

Contestant #1

Thomas "The Knee" Davis

Pros: Exceptional before injury, Team leader, Loves organization, Veteran. Solid in all phases of game.

Cons: Contract, Knee is in bad shape.

Contestant #2

Jordan Senn.

Pros: Started last few games and had decent showing. Super high motor. Would probably be relatively cheap.

Cons: Size/Speed issues.

Contestant #3

All the fuging LBers we added during the season that got hurt.

Contestant #4

Mr. Free Agent.

Contestant #5

1st or 2nd round draft pick starter

Kurb is drunkly optimistic for one last hurrah with Thomas Davis. He has stated he wants to be here no matter what, but we know how that has worked before in the NFL. I would be comfortable with TD, Senn, later draftpick as the 3 options at WLB.

This all depends however on contracts.

I am however very flexible in my opinion on this and look forward to what others think.:cam:

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of course we would like to see davis start, and i think he'll be given the opportunity, but the team HAS to get quality insurance at that position, either in free agency or the draft (i would prefer free agency.)

if nothing else, get a decent two-down type of player and throw TD in there in specific situations to minimize the risk of injury.

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Guest Irv

mark fields had cancer and make a comeback so im not giving up on thomas davis just yet.

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It would be nice to see TD back to his Pro Bowl level (or somewhere near there) for much less pay, of course. Senn had his moments but I prefer keeping him for insurance rather than starting. Linebacker will almost certainly be a draft focus, so that will be a factor as well. I doubt we go for any free agents as it's a down market for LBers and the only good ones will be expensive.

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Do the following:

1) Take a hard look at who is available in FA, what the going prices are, etc. To me, this would be the route to take if we can find at least some mid-range quality.

2) Bring back Davis with a new, incentive based contract. I expect nothing, but it won't kill us to tie up 1 roster spot to see what he can do, if anything.

3) Keep Senn around for ST and backup.

4) If there are no good prospects at our price between the start of FA and the draft, look to add someone in the 4th round or below.

5) If all else fails, bring in several UDFA prospects and hope to get lucky.

Worst case, there will always be guys out there like J. Williams and T. Williams that might get us by if we are strong enough everywhere else.

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Poor Thomas Davis, love his heart. Hurney drafted Davis the safety to play linebacker (Hello Armanti, I'm smarter than you and wil make him a receiver Edwards) and then Fox fugged with Davis a couple years moving him back and forth between positions before he settled in at linebacker.

But obviously his body cant take the game anymore.

I'm thinkin' FA or 2nd round (maybe 4th) stud for the position.

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Your drunken spelling is awe inspiring.

Whom ever can ball as well as you drunkenly spell, that's who has my vote!

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