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Kevin Greene

Da Bearsssss, kick some butt tonight

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Not normally a Bears fan but they host the Aints tonight on NFL Network. 25 degrees in Soldier Field with snow flurries. Should be fun to watch Brees freeze in his steps. :thumbsup:

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This is actually a minorly important game for us.

Loss here pretty much puts the Saints out of the picture for the playoffs I believe.

That makes our game against them to finish the season that much easier.

I've never bought into the whole "Teams with nothing to play for are more dangerous BS", a team fighting to get into the playoffs after being super hyped and labeled a dissapointment all season is much more of a concern IMO.

Get on em Bearz

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Oh dear.

Eyore the donkey says.....

Bear has made mediocre passers look like probowlers.

If we shut down the pass (haven't done that cept for the packing up for the season Jags) then they turn Pierre "I'm coming home to Chicago" Thomas loose on our lackluster defense. And Bush is supposed to be back. maybe.

Yes, the Bear have dominated NO in recent years at home. Well, not dominated but beaten.


Best defense is a good offense.

Keep Breezy off the field with run, run, run. Forte with 25+ touches.

Short passes to our solid TE's.

No stupid turnovers.

Field position battle won with solid punting.

Manning get solid return yardage, set up a shorter field.


I still see a 20-13 loss for the Bear and an exit from the playoff picture.

They just haven't proved to me they can step up in big games.

1)Run the football

2)Stop the run

3)Pressure the QB

4)Win turnover battle

So simple, yet so difficult.

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Another added bonus is if the Bears win their division and we win ours, the Bucs might have to go to Chicago the first round of the playoffs. :D

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Did you guys just see them completely rip apart Joey Harrington while he was standing right there? Damn Deion!

You could tell Mooch was upset for him calling him out like that...especially when Joey Harrington is right behind him

I'm saying the Bears are gonna run all over the Aints and pull this one out. Should be a decent game.

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