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The Huddle's Top Ten Video Games

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that's not even a top 10, just a bunch of random games that are better than 80% of the trash mentioned in this thread

"My opinion is always right."

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"my standards are lower than most people's"

Spoken like a true hipster.

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Anyone ever play this game back in the day? Was one of my favorites as a kid.


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10. Final Fantasy X

9. Mutant League Football.

8. Super Metriod

7. Splinter Cell: Conviction

6. The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time.

5. Prince of Persia

4. Alice: Madness Returns.

3. Metal Gear Solid

2. Pokemon

1. Call of Duty

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Command and Conquer series

Mario Cart


Cyberball Best football game ever!

Age of Empires

Medal of Honor

Resident evil

Donkey Kong Country

Sonic ( Do not play if Drunk)


PTO (Pacific Theater of Operations) Best game ever!!)

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You are definitely missing out. X-com is one of the best games ever made.

I would stress out every time the Aliens invaded my base. And I always named my soldiers after the Marines in Aliens.

my top PC games



Quake CTF (with grappling hook)

Tie Fighter

Maniac Mansion

Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe (?)

Sam & Max Hit the Road

Deus Ex

Counter-Strike & CSS


Myth (molotov throwing dwarves FTW)

Unreal Tournament 2004 (I prefer instagib)

Holy shiat, forgot about myth. That game was fun as hell.

Dungeon keeper 2 should be on someones list. Prolly syndicate plus as well. Bullfrog ftw

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Anyone ever play this game back in the day? Was one of my favorites as a kid.


made me think of this co-op classic:


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10. Caesar III

9. Command and Conquer

8. Age of Empires

7. Rogue Squadron

6. Ghost Recon

5. Super Smash Brothers

4. Battlefield series

3. Alien Versus Predator II

2. Deus Ex

1. The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time

Really it's Zelda, Deus Ex, and then 8 other games to fill out my top 10. Deus Ex was probably the single deepest gameplay experience I've ever...experienced (fug, I need a thesaurus). It was way deeper than I ever thought a game from that period could be.

But Zelda stands alone. It was years ahead of it's time. The graphics haven't even aged that badly. It's endlessly replayable, I still play the ROM now, and after I finish the 3 hour "campaign" mode on most games, I usually play it again. My kids will play the ROM and I will talk shiz about their games like our parents talk about contemporary music.

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    • i actually took this test a year ago because i was talking to this girl who was a psych major and really invested in this test. then i was talking to this other girl who was also a psych major and she thought there wasn't much to it, she basically didn't have respect for it. if i took it today it'd probably line up the same. 
    •    There isn't a problem taking a tackle usually. The problem would be taking any of THESE OTs that high. If there was someone close to that, we would have risked so much on Kalil.