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Bleacher Report question

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It's not hard to feel like you are getting information if you play it right and look the part but do not be surprised if the information you get is not from the inside, not particularly exciting, and not in fact true. Particularly with the Panthers there is never any news and wild speculation is the norm.

Most of the publications, websites, and other media outlets are created in effort to get stuff for free for minimal effort. The remainder of the outlets are created by real fans usually with minimal skill and major outlets in business to sell ad spots.

This truly is what our news "sources" are made of.

Bleacher seems to be fairly thorough and looks legit. Whoever, probably several people, puts it together is likely getting standard press release alerts as well as access. Access to the sidelines, lunches, press conference, press box, maybe even locker room. I am not sure BR is printing anything but if you are, and its not that expensive, you can really solidify yourself as a legit "outlet" and depending on what you cover and how often you print (and a few other well executed tricks) you can get PP to just about anything you want. If you have a few guys who are already buying season tix of at least two sports, college or Pro on an individual(family) basis to pool resources for print and "production" efforts you can likely get more access than you ever imagined for about the same annual sports budget or less and have oodles of goodies to hand out to friends and clients. And how much fun would that be?

I mean, that's what I heard anyway.

When was the last time any of you read anything from AP about the Panthers or whatever else you are into that blew you away? Think about it. It's not that hard to pose. Bleacher Report looks legit to me. I'd hand them PP to cover my team. Why not?

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news from so far under the radar that it's over the radar.

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