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Let's start linking all the Obama failures

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    • The electoral college was designed in a time where slaves were counted as fractions of a vote... even though they didn't have the right to vote.  It was devised in a time where if you weren't a male land owner, you didn't have the right to vote. Some claim it was devised to prevent someone like Trump from becoming president and yet it failed to do so. It treated millions of Americans as if their votes were somehow less equal than other Americans based on antiquated rational used to entice slave states to sign off on the US Constitution.  A Constitution that made it legal to own and sell other humans. To act if the electoral college is anything other than a perversion of the democratic process is to deny reality. In the last 16 years it has enabled two of the least fit candidates in the history of our nation to ascend to the office of POTUS.  Our nation is strong, but there is only so much abuse and neglect even the most powerful country on the planet can endure before it is unable to recover. It is well past time for the EC to be done away with.