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Augusta National And Women

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You are allowed in. Who do you think cleans the mens room and makes the food?


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golf sucks. why would anyone actually want to be there?

No, you suck.

IDk how I feel about it... I certainly have no problem with women playing golf, or playing golf with women (especially if they're hot and wear those little golf skirts... (but I digress)

I do feel that it's a private club and they have the right to admit whoever they want...

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So...those of you who oppose....would love to know why.

Because women do it to from local book clubs & red hat societies right on up to the elite clubs


And guess what, 99.99999999% of us guys don't care one bit about all your stuff. In fact most of us are glad that you get to do some things for yourselves where you can girl it up without any Y chromosomes messing up your get togethers.

Let us guys have our peace also. Seems like there are fewer and fewer of them to choose from these days. And the guys poker night once a week at a friends house doesn't really count.

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