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King Taharqa

Carolina Panthers Should Rebrand To Hornets

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Hey guys, how do you feel about the Panthers rebranding to the Hornets? Charlotte's first pro football was named the Hornets and its a big part of this city's history. In fact, Hornets Nest Rebellion is the last memorable thing or event to happen in Charlotte. If we were called the Hornets it would re-energize our fanbase. We have one of the least visible and popular logos and brands in the NFL. It's not uncommon to walk in a Foot Locker or sports apparel store in Charlotte and see more Falcons, Steelers, and Cowboy jerseys. Or 20 variations of Falcons hats while not having a single Panther one. Black panthers are virtually non existent in the Carolinas and we need a name and logo that better represents us. We have Hornest Nest Park, CMPD's logo is a hornest nest, etc. We need a logo that would sell and look cooler than a Panther head.

The Charlotte Hornets were the first and biggest pro team in our city and states history. The Hive in its prime was more electric than BOA ever has been, and the Hornets were not a sub . 500 franchise like our Panthers. They actually produced back to back winning seasons. Their buzz locally was larger than anything the Panthers had in 03. I'm just saying, with the emergence of Cam, now is the time to rebrand and capitalize on the hype. The Hornets logo and merchandise would sell like crazy for us, gameday attendance, would increase, and people in the city would take more pride in us. We'd be able to gain back those fans we lost when we drafted Cam and gain all the old Hornets fans back. If Im JR I strongly take a look at changing over to the purple and teal. Hell, Cam already prefers Hornets snapbacks over Panther ones. So what do you guys think?

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Cmon man, Panthers havent been a playoff team in 4 years. We have 4 winning seasons out of 16. We are non existant in free agency. The extra cash in jersey sales could help. Just think of all the players who would love to be a Hornet!

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I gotta agree with KT here. I like the Panthers colors and unis (although I wouldn't mind black pants and helmets.) but I've never understood the whole Panthers/Bobcats thing. They do not represent NC. The Hurricanes nailed it with something that makes you think of NC.

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