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Gilmore Overlooked By Board

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Let me explain my thoughts and reasoning. This guy has 4.4 speed, is 6'1", 190 pounds, and is all around prototypical corner build. This guy has also played at the SEC level and was a leader on his team. Gilmore has been shooting up draft boards and has even been rumored to be seen as better than Claiborne. If we got this guy, I think this would be not a reach, but a great pick. It fills a need, and he would arguable be the best player on the board.

Here are sources citing how highly he is ranked comparatively to Claiborne, and picks.

SI's Peter King, Dan Pompei of the National Football Post, and NFL Network's Mike Mayock and Mike Lombardi have all recently either reported or suggested that Gilmore is top-ten material. In Caplan's mock draft he has Gilmore going to Buffalo with the tenth overall pick.

People all around the league are talking about the potential and skill of this guy, and most of you are too stubborn to like him. All corners will get burned, and yes, he needs to stay lower to the ground in his backpedal, but this guy is top 10 material.

NFL Films' Greg Cosell also stated in a Friday radio interview that Gilmore is a better prospect than Claiborne, the 2011 Thorpe Award winner. "He's a hot guy," Lombardi said of Gilmore. "I was told Jacksonville actually likes him more than Claiborne." Lombardi also sent Gilmore to the Jags in his latest mock draft. At this point, we'd be surprised if Gilmore got out of the top-ten picks, and No. 7 seems his likeliest destination.


Here is just a video showing some good and bad plays of Gilmore. One of the better blitzers out of the slot that I've seen at corner.

This is from a year ago mind you, and he has been getting better...... This guy breaks on the ball hard.

So, what I am trying to say is, don't discount this guy. He is a legitimate prospect who has good game tape as well.

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I've seen a lot of people high on him based on size and athletiscism, not because of his work on the field. That's what worries me.

Its not that I hate Gilmore, it's just I think a combo of cox/Jenkins would be much better than Gilmore/curry, or whoever is the best d lineman in the second. Plus, what if we take Gilmore in the first then BPA in the second which could be, for example Kendall Wright.

tl;dr: I want a top d-lineman in this draft, and taking Gilmore in the first decreases the likelihood of that happening

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