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King Taharqa

Nba Wcf: [1] San Antonio Spurs Vs. [2] Oklahoma City Thunder


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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • San Antonio Spurs
    • Oklahoma City Thunder

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[1] San Antonio Spurs (48-16)


PG-#9 Tony Parker

France '01

6'2 180 lbs

18.3 PPG 2.8 RPG 7.7 APG


SG-#4 Danny Green

UNC '09

6'6 210 lbs

9.0 PPG 3.5 RPG 1.3 APG 42.4 3PT%


SF-#2 Kawhi Leonard

San Diego State '11

6'6 225 lbs

8.0 PPG 5.2 RPG 1.1 APG 38.7 3PT%


PF-#21 Tim Duncan

Wake Forest '97

6'11 260 lbs

15.4 PPG 9.0 RPG 2.3 APG 1.5 BPG


C-#33 Boris Diaw

France '03

6'8 245 lbs

4.7 PPG 4.1 RPG 2.2 APG


PG-#14 Gary Neal

SG-#20 Manu Ginobili

SF-#3 Stephen "Captain" Jackson

PF-#15 Matt Bonner

C-#45 DeJuan Blair

C-#22 Tiago Splitter



Gregg Poppovich

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[2] Oklahoma City Thunder (47-19)


PG-#0 Russell Westbrook

UCLA '08

6'3 190 lbs

23.7 PPG 4.5 RPG 5.4 APG 1.7 SPG


SG-#2 Thabo Sefolosha

Switzerland '06

6'7 215 lbs

4.8 PPG 3.1 RPG 1.1 APG 43.3 3PT%


SF-#35 Kevin Durant

Texas '07

6'9 235 lbs

27.9 PPG 8.0 RPG 3.5 APG 37.9 3PT%


PF-#9 Serge Ibaka

Congo '08

6'10 235 lbs

9.1 PPG 7.7 RPG 3.7 BPG


C-#5 Kendrick Perkins

Clifton J. Ozen HS '05 (Beaumont, TX)

6'10 275 lbs

5.0 PPG 6.6 RPG 1.2 APG 1.1 BPG


PG-#37 Derek Fisher

SG-#14 Daequan Cook

SF-#13 James Harden

PF-#4 Nick Collison

C-#8 Nazr Mohammed



Scott Brooks


This might be the most entertaining series of this playoff. Arguably the 2 best teams in the league head to head for a trip to the NBA Finals. Well, in this one I gotta go with the vets. Experience at this stage of the game almost always trumps youth. OKC has established themselves as a legit contender and powerhouse in the west by taking out LA in 5 games like I predicted. But the Spurs can beat you in so many ways so this test is much tougher. I think the Thunder WILL challenge San Anton and actually take a game or so, but the Spurs are on a mission this postseason. I expect them to beat the Thunder in 6 highly contested games. The Westbrook vs. Parker matchup will be key.

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Instinct says the Thunder are not ready to deal with the Spurs coaching staff and veteran players.

Spurs in 5, Home Court FTW.

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Spurs have looked just about unstoppable so far, but the OKC has been improving with every game. I love the matchup, both of these teams bring a lot of talent off the bench. The Thunder had to rely on Perkins and Ibaka for interior defense against the Lakers, but I think they will go small a lot in this series with Durant at the 4 to help defend against San Antonio's excellent court spacing. Both teams can show a lot of different looks, it should be a great series between the two best teams left

Really feels like a 7 game series to me, I think the Spurs take it thanks to home court advantage

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Should be a good series, but the Spurs bench will swing the series in their favor. I see them winning in either 5 or 7, depending on whether they can swipe Game 3 or 4 in OKC.

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Thunder in 6.

This series might end up being better than the Finals, because I believe whoever makes it out of this series defeats the Heat in 5 or 6 games. Overall, the West playoffs have been way better than anything on the East.

I believe the young Thunder are ready to step up and take their spot as kings of the West

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