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Jumping rope will really work on your knees and your feet as you age. As a word of well intentioned advice to you younger guys - save yourself some grief later in life and try to go for not jarring type of aerobics - I do mine these days via my concept 2 rower - I used to jump rope a lot- first thing to go were my feet and then my knees - Im a lot better now after being off the rope for several years, but I know the damage is still there.

If youre persistant it, rowing will give you a lean muscular build coupled with a weight program - great lat and upper body development and stamina. Im pushing 55 and have a better body than the majority of guys half my age.

there are certain things you can do to lower the impact of skipping rope, like cross trainers, skipping on mats, short grass, or floors with some flex.

10 minutes skipping rope = 30 minutes jogging

also i have a canoe

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Brilliant plan there PN...

pineapple and cherry and blueberry aren't terrible. i just knock it out and don't think about it.

the poo is amazing healthwise, and you know...


What brand?

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Ok workout peeps...what are ya'll goals for 2013!!???

I have been gym slack for about 6 months now ..gained 5 lbs from that (and drinking a wee bit more wine during the warm summer months).... then I quit smoking with added on another 5 lbs...yay..get healthy...gain weight..FUG YOU CIGARETTES!! 10 lbs isn't excusable..totally unacceptable seeing as I've worked SO hard to get rid of the extra 50 that was there prior....So I ended up joining Planet Fitness..it's 5 minutes from my house..$10 a month..no excuse NOT to go and workout when it's cold and/or rainy. Got up at 5 this morning and went to workout for the first time BEFORE work in quite a long time. Didn't realize how much I actually enjoy working out at that time vs. after work at 5:30

So besides losing that 10 lbs....I want to...

Finish the 5k I'm running in March in under 29 minutes...

Run a 10k

Be better about eating healthier..for the most part I'm pretty good..but then you get on a roll...and it's, "ok..fine I'll eat those 5 chicken wings because I worked out today"

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i'm working on reverse pyramids now. couple very light warmup circuits, followed by 80% of my max x6, then 70% of my max x8, then 60% of my max x10

my cardio i'm lacking on because my body is still a soft glob, but the circuit training is helping with that

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My goals are pretty much what they have been... keep losing and put on more muscle... I'm pretty happy where I'm at now, I just want to keep the motivation to stay in the gym and do at least as much or hopefully more than I've been doing.

I do want to get back to playing golf... I went from once a week to once a month here lately... it's just been too damn cold. I hate playing when it's below 50. It's just not fun.

My wife has made a commitment to get in the gym at least 3 days a week... she's unhappy with the weight she's at... and she's not "fat" by any means, but she still has that extra 10 lbs mostly in her waist that she's very unhappy with. She asked me to give her an honest opinion the other day so I did... I told her she doesn't try hard enough. If we were still 25, she could lose it easily, but going to the gym once a week on average just isn't cutting it. She needs to walk more, go to the gym more and just do more... I'm almost 40 and she'll be 42 this year and it's tough to keep it off unless you work at it.

Currently I just switched back from my high rep/lower weight, more cardio phase to my less rep/higher weight back on creatine phase. We'll see how that goes... my fuging right elbow is still aggravating me... must be some tendonitis or something.

Oh yeah, and I got some of that greek yogurt PSC suggested and am eating it before my workout... it's not great, but tolerable.

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