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About three months ago I got back into the swing of things, which for me is mostly cardio (running/walking, basketball) and some light lifting, mainly machines and some free weights/curls three to four days per week. Having two young kids, life has been in the way, but I was just getting uncomfortable and my waistline wasn't fitting right and had to do something about it. Down about 8 pounds since I started.

Fug you, father time - I'm back.

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Nada man. No time for anything nowadays, you?

Pretty good bro... I left u a msg on your profile, idk if you got it... get up with me. Text, email, whatever, it's been a while and I see you're off of fb.

Back on subject... been doing my morning walk this week... that's making me feel good.

Less than two weeks in on the ripped vitapak and morning walks along with my normal evenings at the gym and I'm down from 219 to 213 this morning. :)

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I exercise every day, first thing in the morning, usually around 5:30 to 6:30 AM.

Lifting one day, cardio the next. The cardio is either 5 miles on the elliptical or five miles running.

When I say lifting I should clrify that it is Bowflex and dumbell stuff. I have no interest in "mass" or "maxing out" or whatever plateheads call it these days.

I want to look decent and fit in to my trousers, and live long enough to see my future grandkids.

Very attainable goals, I hope.

The motivation comes from that goal.

Also should mention, when you don't have a belly, teh sexaytime performance is most excellent.

You don't need meds when you are in good shape.

So there is that motivation too.

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I have been running the booty loop here in Charlotte and increasingly upping my distance hoping to make it to the November race. I was marathon training 4 years ago and was a month from the race til I tore my Achilles (and ballooned from 165 to 195). Play a lot of tennis at Freedom Park (which is a great workout) and tone-lift.

Nothing too strenuous, but it keeps the weight even and my metabolism is pretty decent at 28 for how often I drink.

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