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Man I had it up to here with these thugs.

But it's in some people's nature to just do hood rat things. It's time we add another one to the list.

This could be the biggest thug of them all.

Who: Former Raiders DE Anthony Wayne Smith.

Bio: NC native. Played college FB at Arizona and Alabama. Former 1st round DP. Ex-Wife is Vanity of Vanity-6.

Thug Move: droppin' 4 mofos for pushin up on his racks

Anthony Wayne Smith, who was with the Raiders from 1990-97, is facing four murder charges, according to theLong Beach Press-Telegram.

Smith, 45, was originally awaiting a retrial in the killing of Maurilio Ponce from October 2008. The first trial ended in a deadlocked jury.

per NFP.com

Another player linked to the Lions arrested:

Who: Bucs CB Eric Wright

Bio: Signed a massive $37 million dollar contract with the Bucs this off season.

Thug Move: Sippin' on dat purple drank and driving

At least he won’t count against the Detroit Lions’ checkered offseason but Eric Wright played for them last season. Wright, the veteran cornerback who signed a $37 million deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in free agency, was arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of felony driving under the influence, according to the Los Angeles Times.

-Per NFP.com

I know yall are as concerned as I am about getting these thugs off the street and in the jail cells in which they belong. These thugs got to learn that just because they made it up out the hood doesn't mean that they can bring these thug moves into decent, civilized society.

Justice Served!

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No doubt! If a lot of these punks would just think before they act, are prisons wouldn't be over populated.

I'm curious what former Arkansas QB and colossal draft bust Thug Matt Jones is up to? tried google and Wikipedia with no luck.

If that dude isn't locked up, our judicial system is a fuging joke......oh wait

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man he was married to Vanity?. . nasty girl?. . . ooof. . MAyn! I love that song, best stripper song ever. We need to have a good memories thread about that.

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Oh look another unfunny thread with racial undertones, this ought to go well

Hey man, there is nothing funny about killing people. Or drinking and driving. People are so ultra sensitive now it's sad. Now a days, in the "greatest country in the world", people can't say anything now without someone somewhere getting offended. Shame on you who take words out of context to contribute to your shallow lives.

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