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Re: Greg hardy, Steve Smith Texts Entire Team His Bentley's Speedometer

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Picture me trollin

Saw Gantt's tweet on it.

"stop texting and driving" lol

At least 89 wasn't going 100.

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A picture is worth a thousand words.

In this case, six of those words are "Hey Greg, you're a f---ing idiot."

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Good job Smitty set the example.

Hardy's vice and addiction is to fast cars and bikes. Although I hope he never has an incident, plenty of Charlotteans do 100....Nissan Maximas are FAST! I am not condoning his recklessness as it hurt him last offseason with the Motorcycle. Defensive players are not usually the brightest guys and SEC defensive players are definitely not the brightest guys.

What I just care aboutfrom my Carolina Panther defensive line players: dont hurt anyone, sack the QB and disrupt that pocket. No guns-violence, no drugs and all should be fine. Please slow the freak down on the road too...Mr. Hardy.

Flag on the play!*

* Lack of humor awareness or overly critical huddler post penalty.

I saw someone rip Hardy for Tweeting" i'm about to get high" (following a picture of an Airplane)...seriously on that?!

Other posters called Hardy stupid for admitting to getting high...I guess we live in a time that if LOL is not at the end of a sentence no one gets the joke.

just souless, humorless internet moralists who don't read.

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Gantt picked it up for PFT

Steve Smith pokes fun at a teammate’s bad decision

Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith has an underrated sense of humor.

This morning, he pointed his barbs at defensive end Greg Hardy.

Monday, Hardy thought it would be cute to take a picture of the speedometer of his Bentley at 100 mph.

Hardy, who wrecked a motorcycle last year before camp, was doing something dumb, and made it worse by advertising it to the world on Twitter. He’s lucky he didn’t cause an accident.

Smith doesn’t have a Twitter account, but made sure to get the word out. He took a photo of his own Bentley speedometer (which he can more easily afford than a sixth-rounder on a rookie deal) doing a solid 26 mph.

He then apparently texted it to most of roster (at least three teammates, Ryan Kalil, Jon Beason and Jonathan Stewart tweeted it out), with the caption.”Smitty heading to work out slow and steady.”

Message delivered. With a little luck, Hardy gets it.

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