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Malcolm Thomas on Bobcats' Radar

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"For a guy on the fringe, a good showing at Summer League can change your fortunes.

Meet Malcolm Thomas. The “other forward” at San Diego State when Kawhi Leonard was there who spent last season in the D-League with a couple of call ups.

But at Summer League in Las Vegas he looked very good for the Chicago Bulls, averaging 11.4 points and 12.4 rebounds per game. He made our man Scott Schroeder’s list of the best at Summer League.

And now he has a lot of teams of after him, tweets Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports.

Forward Malcolm Thomas, the only free agent on the All-Summer League team, getting solid interest primarily from ATL, CHA, CHI and LAC.

Looks like Thomas is going to get paid next season. Summer League can do that for you."

6'9" 223lbs, 7'2" wingspan

Thomas was probably the the third best player in summer league behind Shelby and Lillard, and was the only FA. I would love to see if we could add him especially with the looks of not being able to land Carl Landry.

12.4 RPG, man!!! it's only summer league but that really is eyes popping. He has decent size to play PF. Probably a better rebounder than Biz and definetly a better scorer. Also a great shot blocker and defensive player. He's a kid who Dunlaps could really teach and groom into being a baller.

I could see Thomas choosing us over the other three teams due to playing times. And I think we could give the kid a contract larger than they can.

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I'd rather have Landry, but who knows; Thomas could turn out to be a diamond in the rough.

He was a force in the D-League this year and actually made it onto the Spurs roster before being relegated to the D-League again.

He's averaged a double-double with almost every team he has played for and being 23, he might only get better with time.

The Bobcats might actually be the best fit for Thomas because what better person to get your career started under than a coach that is trying to do the same.

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These are the low risk high potential talents the Bobcats need. Definitely be a better and more viable option to go with right now.

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